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The film Thelma and Louise

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In the film Thelma and Louise, we see the deviations of Thelma and Louise from the imagined proper path. That is, they do not choose to walk the way which is perceived as right by the society. There are examples to illustrate Thelma and Louise both run away from some social institutions, like law and marriage. In this paper, the deviations of Thelma and Louise, as well as the resolutions of these deviations will be discussed. Thelma and Louise deviate from the social institution of law throughout their journey. After Louise killed Harlan, they are supposed to be caught by the police and put into the jail. But they choose to flee to Mexico instead and as the journey to Mexico proceeds, they commit more crimes, for example, Thelma robs a supermarket and then locks a police, and the two of them blow up a truck. ...read more.


It is true that Thelma has her own reason to go out because her husband is so dictatorial that most probably he will not allow his wife to stay overnight outside with Louise even if she asks him, but then a family is supposed to be more important than going out with friends and so Thelma's decision to run away from her husband without informing is not supposed to be made by a housewife according to our usual perception. Also, after leaving home, Thelma flirts and has sex with other men. She dances "cheek and check" together with Harlan in the bar and later has one-night-stand with J.D. These are not supposed to be done by a married woman. ...read more.


which made them suffer. They never thought of going back home and being caught by the police. Rather, they choose the way which makes them totally escape from all the constraints. The flying car is giving us an impression that Thelma and Louise are not dead, they are only flying away from the world to where they can regain their integrity. However, on the other hand, although both of them have new dreams to be fulfilled like living in a hacienda and getting a job in a club, they just do not have to chance to fulfill them because they are already outlaw of the society which do not welcome them. They fly over the Grand Canyon can only help them escape from this unwelcoming world, the problems they have been facing are still there without a real resolution. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - ...read more.

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