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The nuclear family.

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We people need stable relationships, emotionally and psychological support and comfort. The nuclear family provides all this and is a safe and secure place. We also need financial support, food and shelter to survive, again the nuclear family meets these needs. Not only does these needs meet an individuals needs but is very important for society, for society to survive it needs new members, the nuclear family reproduces the human race and future work force. And as the nuclear family is based on monogamy it helps us control the adult sexual behaviour .Primary socialization is an important factor to society, we need to ensure that people have learnt how to support societies norms and values, to more easily fit in society, conform and without braking laws and causing damage. By primary socialization you also learn the culture and way of life. The family acts as a social control and teaches its new members primary socialization. ...read more.


the family as a unsafe place and not safe and secure as the functionalists argue, it is in the family a lot of domestic violence and abuse takes place. In the family there are also a lot of emotional conflicts that can exist between family members, leading to stress, frustration, and even mental health problems. The Marxists argue that the family is a bad thing. The Marxists see the capitalist society based on conflict, class conflict between the proletarian and bourgeoisie. And the Marxists believe this social conflict is produced in the family from generation to generation, rich stay rich, and poor stay poor. For example the rich pass down wealth ex. property, business to the next of their family generation members. And it is not a matter of working hard and becoming rich in that way, meaning people who work hard become rich and lazy people are the pore ones. ...read more.


They believe that in society there are many differences crated between women and men, and these differences created by society are kept in the family and learned, taught up to their children by primary socialisation. Like boys are given curtain toys and girls other. As primary socialisation in a functionalist view is to teach children how to fit in to society and conform, feminists believe this is negative because it teaches children what society expects of them, they are not expected to behave as individual people but as male and females, and what is already seen what they want, like and behave. As in the family when primary socialisation takes part a young girl will see her mother cooking and her father playing around whit the car, and the children are encouraged to do the same thing as their parents do. Feminists also believe that the family is based on male power; patriarchal. Men get to concentrate on their work while women stay at home and cook and clean. ...read more.

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