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Women have been dealing with what we call today as 'gender issues' (to be politically correct) since the beginning of time. Most other people refer to it as chauvinism or discrimination. This thing

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Hypothesis on Gender Issues Gender Issues from Past to Present Tammy Torres Western International University COM 112 Utilizing Information in College Writing Professor Del Valle January 29, 2006 Women have been dealing with what we call today as 'gender issues' (to be politically correct) since the beginning of time. Most other people refer to it as chauvinism or discrimination. This thing however we refer to it as has existed since the beginning of time. Referring back to the bible times of Adam and Eve there was well documented issues of gender differences. We go back to the creation of 'man' do you really think that man is superior because he was created first, or the fact that man was used to create woman? Or the fact that is was the woman who ate the fruit off of the forbidden tree, does that make the women less superior. Both man and women were ultimately created equal and everybody makes mistakes. Look at cave men for instance, have you ever heard the phrase cave women. No you haven't, when we picture 'cave men' the way society has groomed the thoughts into our mind, we picture very unattractive men with their clubs dragging their women around by the hair. ...read more.


(Chesler, E) A good example of empowering women right here in the United States is based on an article in the San Diego Union Tribune. Based on the statistic of the United Nations, "Women made up 16.3 percent of parliament worldwide at the end of 2005, edging up from 15.7 percent a year earlier. Based on this groups latest statistics, according to the annual survey women have made steady progress in elections since a landmark world conference in Beijing in 1995, when females made up just 11.3 percent of the world's lawmakers. Women on an average made up 20 percent of the deputies elected in the 39 countries that held parliamentary elections last year. Out of nine countries more than 30 percent of those elected or returning to office in 2005 were women, with Norway topping the list at 37.9 percent." (Reuters 2006) The Inter- Parliamentary Union found that women fared the best in Nordic countries and the worst in Arab states. The United States on the other hand ranks 69th among the world's nations, with 66 women in the House of Representatives (15.2 percent) and 14 female senators (14 percent). ...read more.


According to Russian Education and Society, "Men hold stereo typical traits of professional competence, rational thinking and an active life stance. Women hold the stereotype of social and communicative skills, heartfelt warmth, and emotional support." (Razumnikova, O. M.). We, as society are blaming the gender issues on tradition or religion. Boys and girls are taught at a very early age that 'girls do this and boys do that'. Eventually as the world progresses children should be taught that girls and boys can do anything alike. There is nothing a man can do that a woman can't, and this is how children should be raised. Motherhood shares the same responsibilities as fatherhood does. So in turn family obligation should not be a factor into a woman getting a job, a promotion or how successful she can be. Women's rights should not be talked upon as if they are separate from human rights. Women are in fact human and should be treated alike. There is a lot of talk classified as human rights, women's rights, and civil rights: they are one in the same, rights are rights and every person should be entitled to the same equal rights as the other, man or woman. I do truly believe that if this was the case the world could be and would be a better place. ...read more.

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