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My work experience was at Carlin Motorsport a F3 racing car team

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Citizenship Work experience comes from topic 1 in the citizenship syllabus. This part of the syllabus covers school, work and the community. I chose work experience as it covers the points necessary for the syllabus. The parts of the syllabus were covered as we firstly planned the experience at school, and this would then lead us to work in the community. During Year 10 in the autumn term (2004) our Monday tutorial sessions were used to get us prepared for our work experience. In one of the lesson we had a visit from Mrs Penning of Connexions who told us what we'd get from our work experience. This was important because we looked at the different jobs on offer, what options would suit us and what employers look for in us. We also had talk in several assemblies about how it was important to be organised for our work experience. Which encouraged me to make enquires about my placement. We also had a database available to us with which we could search for suitable jobs. This was important for those who were looking for ideas about the kind of placement that they wanted. In the spring term we had mock interviews for our placement when an interviewer came into school and interviewed us. This was a useful experience as we will have to take part in interviews when applying for the job. Citizenship - Work experience Dates November 25 Job centre placement information in the library. See the picture in the appendices. ...read more.


In addition I wanted to make sure that I received adequate breaks e.g. at lunch time and was not put upon. It was important to me to be treated just like one of the work force because that was the whole object of the week. Also I wanted to have as much variety as possible so I would benefit from the different experiences and be able to develop new skills. Diary of my work experience at Carlin Motorsport On the first day I went to the factory and was given a quick tour around the factory, then I was assigned to work with the "truckies" and basically cleaned the trucks out for the whole day, also I washed wheels and basically settled in to the work environment. However I was slightly disappointed that I didn't get an impression that I was to be given the sort of jobs that I had been promised during the build up to my experience there. I was also a little disappointed that I didn't get to meet the boss of the team but I realised that he was very busy in his work and that there was possibly wasn't enough time to see me. However I still held out hope for the rest of the experience as I thought that the situation may improve as it thought that they may become more hospitable in the days to come. On the second day of my experience I was again placed to work with the race team trucks and basically had to make minor repairs and clean the Lorries out once again however I realised that I was on a work experience placement and that I wasn't perhaps entitled to the best jobs. ...read more.


On week two of the experience I only completed the first day of the experience as the team decided that they didn't need my services on the following Tuesday as they were going testing. However my liaison David Lowe informed me that I was needed for the rest of the week. However this was not logistically viable for me as I had to travel home for the Tuesday and couldn't get a lift or a train up for the rest of the week due to the late notice given to me I couldn't make prior engagements to get to the factory for the rest of the week. Perhaps if I had been able to work for the rest of the week I may have been able to of done some of the work that I was promised at the start of the experience. Referring to my section that I written under the title Roles, Rights and Responsibilities I was reasonably well looked after by David Lowe and he directed me to what work I should be doing although the whole experience to be fair had a rather disorganised feel to it. I also when I was unable to complete my work experience due to travel arrangements contacted Mrs Peters to inform her of the situation and it was dealt with in due course through the correct channels. As this is what I had been told that I needed to do as this is correct for insurance purposes. However I parted with the team on amicable terms and as they realised how far it was for me to go and work their and they were happy with my work effort. Appendices ...read more.

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