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Work Experience at the Aylesbury County Court

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Work Experience at the Aylesbury County Court I sat in the blistering heat, sealing envelope after envelope of letters. I just wanted the day to be over, my back was killing me after all the case filing I had to do and now I was putting the little energy I had left into doing tedious mailing routines. They were working me so hard, I was so glad it was my last day... 'Good Luck', shouted my mum as I slammed the car door and stepped out into the street. I felt strange. Apprehensive. Excited. Scared. All these emotions and feelings were running through my mind, but I made my way to the County Court on that dreary January morning with the determination to make this a worthwhile experience for myself. Locked. I stood outside the office doors inside the building for what seemed like an eternity. Waiting......just waiting. I knew Mum shouldn't have dropped me so early, but I desperately wanted to make a good impression by being punctual. ...read more.


I was right. I didn't let that get me down though, as I glanced around my workplace. There were many desks, all with ancient, outdated computers and mugs with tea still in them. I was told to sit down in front of one of these desks and wait for a woman called Jude to show me around. After a few minutes I saw a tall, large, friendly woman with snowy white hair and librarian's glasses approach me. I immediately thought she looked like a goose, especially with her long slender neck adorned with a gold chain. Despite this minor drawback, I soon found Jude to be one of the nicest people working at the office. I was introduced to all the employees; Dawn, Donna, Louise, Simone, Hannah, Habid, Russell, Sara, plus the bailiffs Ivan and Carol. The kitchen, toilets, fire exit, staff lounge, courtrooms and the waiting room were shown to me and I was briefly told about health and safety regulations, company policies and my duties. ...read more.


However, despite this, the bubbly, chatty workers and their jokes and stories formed a great atmosphere to work in and made the office come to life. I really enjoyed listening to the workers conversations, especially when they were talking about each other! These were fond memories of which I will always remember when I think about the County Court. I will also remember another particular incident which occurred in my second week. One of the workers, named Louise, was about to leave the office for home when she decided to go to the toilet. A few moments later, we heard screams coming from the room and the words, 'Spider, spider, there's a spider in the loo!!!' Louise is terrified of spiders, so she came bursting into the room, running around frantically, shouting and screaming, whereas everyone was falling about laughing. We thought she was exaggerating but Simone went into the loo to catch the creature, but she came back stunned by the apparently huge size of it, so Russell let it out of the window and calm returned to the office, but Louise was long gone! ...read more.

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