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Indian Society Essays - Corruption, Linguistic Rights and a review of "The Palace of Illusions" by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.

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2012 ________________ ENGLISH ASSIGNMENT -Umang Katoch XII-B ROLE OF CHILDREN IN COMBATING CORRUPTION IN THE SOCIETY Like a tree, slowly the roots of corruption branch out and enter deep into the soil of our society, inching their way day by day into the lexicon of our daily life. And all that our elders, the so called ?leaders? of our society, do is lament, professing that they are doing their best to stop corruption, while in truth they calmly sit upon their thrones of lies and rule the empires they have built of a million broken promises. If the present scenario goes on for much longer, India will become a distant memory in the minds of the world. We shall become the nation with the largest population and the worst quality of living. The land of Gautam Buddha, Ashoka, Akbar, Kalidas, Mahatama Gandhi shall become a relic in the minds of people. And the only way for anything to change is if children begin to care. They say that the traits of the child manifest themselves in the adult. And that maxim is true. If a child is taught from the beginning that corruption is morally, socially, legally, emotionally wrong then those will be the beliefs that he or she will grow up with. And our formative years form a major part of our character. We do not realise it but what we believe is what our actions subconsciously display. And there is a lot that children can do to combat corruption. For starters they can tell adults that money is not everything, that not everyone has a price. It is a degrading concept that human beings can be bought and sold for any sum of money. For that is what corruption is. Human beings sell their integrity and honesty in return for money. If children tell this to grown-ups then they will listen. ...read more.


The individual has the right to have the interpreter translate the proceedings, including court documents. 3. Article 19 ? individuals have the right to freedom of expression, including the right to choose any language as the medium of expression. 4. Article 26 ? everyone has the right to education, with relevance to the language of medium of instruction. Linguistic rights can be applied to the private arena and the public domain. Private use of language Most treaties or language rights documents distinguish between the private use of a language by individuals and the use of a language by public authorities. Existing international human rights mandate that all individuals have the right to private and family life, freedom of expression, non-discrimination and/or the right of persons belonging to a linguistic minority to use their language with other members of their group. The United Nations Human Rights Committee defines privacy as: ?? the sphere of a person?s life in which he or she can freely express his or her identity, be it by entering into relationships with others or alone. The Committee is of the view that a person?s surname [and name] constitutes an important component of one?s identity and that the protection against arbitrary or unlawful interference with one?s privacy includes the protection against arbitrary or unlawful interference with the right to choose and change one?s own name.? This means that individuals have the right to have their name or surname in their own language, regardless of whether the language is official or recognised, and state or public authorities cannot interfere with this right arbitrarily or unlawfully. Linguistic rights in the public domain According to Article 10 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, individuals have the right to a fair trial. Therefore, in the name of fairness of judicial proceedings, it is an established linguistic right of an individual to an interpreter when he or she does not understand the language used in criminal court proceedings, or in a criminal accusation. ...read more.


Her solace with the ever enigmatic Krishna and with her dear brother Dhrishtadhyumna. The stories that she and her brother narrate to each other to pass long summer evenings are really creative and touching too. The fact that Vyasa had predicted to her the path of her whole life and even warned her of the mistakes she would make. It is also explained how, though Draupadi knew the consequences of her actions, she could not react to the situations in any other way than what was foretold. Her intense devotion towards her husbands , her unforgiving nature and her search for a home for herself are all deep rooted in her psyche. Even common incidents like her feuds with her mother-in-law are highlighted to show us more cause-effect incidents. The title Palace of Illusions is derived from the fantastic palace that the Pandavas build for themselves at Indraprastha. It is the first step they take to transform the barren land to a prosperous city. Draupadi who never felt at home at her fathers palace or at the palace of the Kauravas always yearned for her own home, one where she could truly be a queen and the mistress of the house. All that was good in her life is represented by this palace, the loss of which hits her hard and further fuels her anger. This book is a good read for all. It captivates one?s mind and capitulates us into a past where everything could change in the blink of an eye. it is about one of the most famous women in Indian history, yet very little is actually known about her. This book is engrossing and you are left thinking long after you have turned the last page. Is our fate already written? Can we escape it? Is every chapter in the book of our lives already written? These thoughts do not leave the mind. And in the end of it all you are filled with a great deal of respect for Panchali and how she lived her life. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our International Baccalaureate Anthropology section.

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