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Chi Square Experiment

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Title: Chi Square Equation Using Beans Introduction: Chi square is a mathematical comparison of data obtained and data expected using the rules of probability. A null hypothesis is the assumption that the expected (E) value will be equal to the obtained (O) value. An alternative hypothesis is a reason for any differences. The chi square equation is as follows: In this experiment, 25 red/brown beans and 25 white beans will be mixed in each partner's plastic cup. Then, one bean will be drawn from each cup and the colors will be recorded. This will be repeated 24 more times, each time the color is to be recorded. ...read more.


value= 5.99 Accept null hypothesis Class data: RR Rr rr 1 2 10 8 2 6 11 3 3 4 10 6 4 6 10 4 5 4 12 4 6 4 9 7 7 3 10 7 8 4 13 3 9 7 5 8 Averages: 2+6+4+6+4+4+3+4+7= 40 40/9 = 4.4 RR 10+11+10+10+12+9+10+13+5=90 90/9=10 Rr 8+3+6+4+4+7+7+3+8= 50 50/9= 5.6 rr Averages Chi square Observed (O) Expected (E) O - E (O - E) 2 O - E) 2 / E RR 4.4 5 0.6 0.36 0.072 Rr 10 10 0 0 0 rr 5.6 5 0.6 0.16 0.032 Total= 0.0104 0.0104 smaller than 5.99 so accept null hypothesis Conclusion: This experiment ended in the null hypothesis being accepted. ...read more.


Some sources of error can be found. The beans were different sizes, possibly changing the color of bean that was picked, making more white ones appear. Other groups in the class used red and brown beans, which are hard to tell the difference between, and they may have accidentally recorded the wrong colors, altering the values. Also, some people may have peeked into the cup, allowing them to choose which ever bean they wished. Some steps to make this experiment more accurate may be taken. The beans could have been more even in size, lowering the error that occurred. Different color beans should have been used, which would lower the accidental incorrect recordings. Also, the students should be closely monitored so they will not peek. ...read more.

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