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Energy Audit

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Aim: To conduct an energy audit of the whole school and check the amount of electricity consumed over a selected time period and find ways in which we can reduce the electricity bill in MBIS. Research Question: What can we do to reduce the electricity bill in MBIS? Background information: The only way of reducing the electricity bill of MBIS is by decreasing the amount of electricity used. Thus in turn, we have to identify the areas which are using excessive amount of energy and find ways to reduce that consummation. The energy is calculated by multiplying the number of hours with the power of each appliance hence its unit is kWh. Data collection and processing: 1st and 2nd floor in the Dp block: Table 1: Electric Device Total number Power/ kW Time/ hr Total energy /KWh Fan 27 0.06 7 11.34 Tube Light 115 0.04 7 32.2 Bulb Light 31 0.04 7 8.68 Computer 32 0.25 7 56 Printer 3 0.25 4 3 Projector 3 0.25 2 1.5 Aqua guard 2 1.00 7 14 Plug 15 189 0.005 7 6.615 Exhaust 12 0.04 7 3.36 Plug 30 44 0.15 7 46.2 AC 26 2.00 5 260 Modem 2 0.10 9 1.8 Total energy used in a day, month and year in different areas: Table 2: Area Energy used per day /kWh Energy used per month/kWh Energy used per year/kWh Dp foyer, kitchen 520.24 11965.68 93644.13 MPY, MYP (1st floor) ...read more.


Plug points do not consume too much of power but the number of hours that it is kept on accounts for its contribution towards the high electricity bill. Try using the battery back up in your laptops for as long as it lasts and only use the plugs once it is absolutely necessary. Make sure that the plugs are switched off once not in use otherwise the power is being consumed for no reason. Then, think of other ways in which you can save electricity. Starting on a small scale like switching off the computers in the library if they are not in use, turning the lights and fans off once you leave the room, also help towards saving electricity. We could also come up with solutions which would help us save electricity on a large scale like building solar panels to help cook in the kitchen and use it as far as possible. Building solar panels will help save a lot of electricity but you should also take in consideration the amount of money that will be spent in building it. There is no use if the installation of the solar panel costs more than the amount of electricity it saves. Always keep in mind that starting on a small scale would help you save electricity on the long run. Conclusion: We calculated that the energy used in the DP 1st and 2nd floor was 520.24 kWh. ...read more.


Also make sure to repeat the number of times the observations are calculated in order to get a good average. For example, go around your given area many times and collect an average of the number of each appliance in order to get an accurate result. The results on table 1 and 2, are not accurate and thus not reliable, although our main aim was to find ways to reduce the electricity bill and this could be easily done if the measures to do so were followed appropriately. There were some difficulties in calculating the result since this was group result and we had to trust the results of the other groups which may not have been necessarily accurate. It is always easier to calculate the raw data yourself since you are aware of the errors caused and can easily carry out measures to correct them. Also, doing it alone makes the results more reliable since the error percentage would be much low. The estimation of the number of hours when the ACs were consumed caused a huge error and can be avoided by taking a better average and keeping in mind the time when it is switched off. This experiment could have been performed better by making sure that it was done alone. It would have taken much more time but the results would be accurate and the error percentage would be much less than 245 %. It would also help the experiment drastically if the number of appliance in each area were collected multiple times and a reasonable average was calculated. ...read more.

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