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Food Nutrition Report

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Food Nutrition Label Report Modasir Rajabali February 28, 2009 SBI3U8C, Armstrong 646889 The Food product I decided to choose was a granola bar with a flavor of blueberry yogurt. A granola bar is usually portrayed of being a snack or a breakfast food. This particular blueberry yogurt flavored granola bar consists of granola (rolled oats), honey and nuts. This of which are the main components that are baked until the compound is seen as crispy. After the baking process has taken place, other small dried fruits can be added. This bar is combined with yogurt to give a taste of milk for the consumers and the artificial blueberry flavor. ...read more.


However, it contains a great amount of trans fat, which is a particularly harmful type of fat. Although granola bars are a popular snack for athletes and people too busy to have proper meals, it does not necessarily mean that they may be as healthy or nutritious as they think they are. This particular granola bar with a 'Quaker' brand includes ingredients such as caramel, chocolate and marshmallows. These cookie bars are only a little better than high calorie actual candy bars because of the amount of sugar all the ingredients have. In all, what one ends up by eating this type of granola bar is a snack that is full of all types of fats and sugar with an actual nutritional value, which is very low. ...read more.


However, when an aggregate calculation is taken, the sugars and fats outweigh any other nutrition consisting in the bar. According to the nutritional values of this granola bar, it would be very inappropriate for one to consume such a 'cookie' bar during exercise. This is because the amount of protein and the high amounts of fats this bar provides would slow down the movements of food from the stomach to the muscles; hence, making one uncomfortable with continuing to exercise. Instead of all the heavy components, it is better to have carbohydrates during exercising that lasts more than 30-45 minutes because it would help maintain energy. During exercising, sodium is needed almost as much as carbohydrates, which these bars do not provide. ...read more.

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