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HOW SUNLIGHT AFFECTS THE DISTRIBUTION OF A CERTAIN PLANT SPECIE Research Question: How does sunlight affect the distribution of a specific type of plant specie in an area which has approximately the same temperature, soil pH, nutrients, soil salinity and water content? Variables: Dependent variable: distribution of the chosen plant. Independent variable: amount of sunlight in the area. Constant variable: the amount of temperature, soil pH, nutrients, salinity and water content. Hypothesis: Some plants grow well under higher amount of sunlight while others grow well under less amount of sunlight. The plant which has been chosen is likely to grow well in an area which it is not exposed to high amount of sunlight. This is predicted after looking at the area where this type of plant is found and just observing the plant growth and distribution without ant practical work. Apparatus: * Light sensor * TI calculator * CBL Cable * Vanier LabPro (with batteries) * Quadrat The light intensity being emitted from any light source can be measured by the light probe depending on the appropriate range of the light intensity. ...read more.


No. of grids filled in the quadrat by the chosen plant (� 0.5) Quadrat 1 50,800.4 50 28 Quadrat 2 50,700.8 50 32 Quadrat 3 51,800.4 50 2 Quadrat 4 50,900.6 50 25 Quadrat 5 51,700.3 50 5 Quadrat 6 51,800.2 50 3 Quadrat 7 51,100.3 50 15 Quadrat 8 51,000.5 50 21 Quadrat 9 51,000.9 50 17 Quadrat 10 51,500.2 50 11 Data Table: Data processing: Quadrat Number Amount of Sunlight (lux) (� 0.01) Total percentage of grids filled in the quadrat by the chosen plant type (%) (� 0.1) Quadrat 1 50,800.4 (28 x 100) 50 = 56% Quadrat 2 50,700.8 (32 x 100) 50 = 64% Quadrat 3 51,800.4 (2 x 100) 50 = 4% Quadrat 4 50,900.6 (25 x 100) 50 = 50% Quadrat 5 51,700.3 (5 x 100) 50 = 10% Quadrat 6 51,800.2 (3 x 100) 50 = 6% Quadrat 7 51,100.3 (15 x 100) 50 = 30% Quadrat 8 51,000.5 (21 x 100) 50 = 42% Quadrat 9 51,000.9 (17 x 100) 50 = 34% Quadrat 10 51,500.2 (11 x 100) 50 = 22% Quadrat number in order from the least to the greatest percentage fill by the chosen plant Amount of Sunlight (lux) (� 0.01) ...read more.


* The amount of sunlight would not have remained constant and therefore when the light intensity was measures, a higher amount or a less amount of sunlight would have been captured by the light sensor. * Other factors such as temperature, soil pH, nutrients, soil salinity and water content that also determine the plant distribution would not be exactly the same in the whole area and therefore it could have also affect the distribution of the chosen plant type and not only the sunlight. * Since the experiment was just done once, there could have been some errors and so the distribution obtained would not have been totally right. Improvements: * It would have been better if there would be another more accurate way to measure the distribution of a specific chosen plant since measuring it manually may not be as precise as measuring it by using some kind of an electronic instrument. * If the other factors that determine the plant distribution were actually kept constant and not determined, then a more precise distribution of the chosen plant type could have been obtained. * A more accurate result would have been obtained if the experiment would have been repeated more then once, and so an average could have been found. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amrita Raichura 11T Biology: Lab Report ...read more.

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