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Investigate the effects of environmental factors on the distribution of maggots using a choice chamber

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´╗┐Mai Tran Investigate the effects of environmental factors on the distribution Conclusion According to the results collected, the most noticeable factor we can see is that the maggots are most attracted to Dark Wet condition. The number of maggots distributed into this chamber is the highest compare to other chambers. This is evident as it has the highest average of 11. This result therefore supports my hypothesis. Although the results obtained for Dark Wet condition has the highest standard deviation of 1.14, being that it is unreliable compare to the other 3 conditions, however, the number of maggots in this chamber is always much higher than those in other chambers. ...read more.


Unlike the data for Dark Wet condition, the data recorded for these 3 chambers is generally stable, hence they have the standard deviation of 0.55 (for Light Dry and Light Wet) and 0.71 (for Dark Dry). These results for standard deviation shows that there is little variation in the 3 sets of data. However, a notable factor is that in trial 2 and 3, according to my observation, one of the maggots kept moving from Dark Dry to Dark Wet. In trial 5, one of the maggots was moving from Light Wet to Dark Wet. Therefore in these 3 trals, one maggot was counted more than once which lead to the total maggots counted being 21. ...read more.


Take 5 separate beakers and put 20 maggots into each at the start, then use each beaker every trial. This will help to separate the used and unused maggots. Human error when counting the number of maggots in each chamber. Because only myself was counting the number of maggots, I might have miscounted, especially at the Dark Wet chamber where there are a lot of maggots. Carry out the experiment in groupd and ask other peers to also count them number of maggots in each chamber and share the results after. The volume of water put into the Wet areas varies for different trials Different volume of water might not have given the maggots the natural moisture they prefer, hence affect their distribution. Research to find the right moist condition that the maggot prefer. ...read more.

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