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polygenic inheritance lab report

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Polygenic inheritance Aim: To determine if height and shoe size are directly proportional Hypothesis: The shoe size and height will not have a significant relation between them and since there is not significant correlation or relation between them to have a direct proportion, it can be hypothesized that the height and shoe size are not directly proportional. Moreover as the male and female shoe size may be different, the two data will be analyzed separately. Also they will have relation as the bigger and taller a person is the bigger the feet would have to be to support the body size and weight. Data Table 1. Raw Data male female Height (cm) Shoe size(UK) height / shoesize Height (cm) Shoe size(UK) height / shoesize 157 7 16.48 171 7 24.43 168 7 19.67 161 5.5 29.27 171 10 19.56 175 7 25.00 172 8.5 17.10 163 5 32.60 173 10.5 24.00 164 8.5 19.29 176 9 18.50 153 5 30.60 ...read more.


So the Pearson correlation coefficient test does state, only to certain extent, that there are some sort of correlation between the shoe size and the height. But since the number is not 1 or very close to 1, we can not state and conclude that there is a correlation between the two data and more analysis is required. Table 2. Height / shoe size number Range (height / shoe size) male female sum 16?x<21 7 1 8 21?x<24 1 0 1 24?x<27 1 5 6 27?x30 0 1 1 30?x<33 0 2 2 total 18 From the table above, it can be seen that for male the range is mainly around 16~21 for the male and there are some sort of correlation and it can be said that for male, the shoe size and the height are somewhat directly proportional. However for female, the frequency is all over the place and distributed whereas in male, the numbers are quite concentrated around the range of 16~21. ...read more.


Also as we can see from the trend line and the data, not everyone is in the proportion and the correlation between the shoe size and height is present but only to certain extent and not everyone fits into that correlation. Conclusion From analyzing the data it can be concluded that there is a correlation between shoe size and height and that they are directly proportional but only to certain extent and only to some people. From the graph it was seen that whilst some people fitted into the trend line perfectly, some people were out of the trend line by quite a far distance. So in conclusion, height and shoe size are directly proportional but only to some people. While some people were under the trend line, some people were above it. This suggests that while there are correlation between the two data, people are not restricted to it and variations may occur and people with same height may not have same shoe size and vice versa. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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