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business logistic

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Today we can many success stories of Lean manufacturing and logistics from Toyota. Even today people fear change and think single minutes are impossible. Imagine what Taiichi Ohno, The chief engineer at Toyota in the 1950s, must have felt like 50 years ago trying to do something that had never been done. Nowadays Toyota uses these logistics technologies to improve their production line to increase competitive and reduce cost. I. Just-in-Time Toyota Motor Corporation subsequently adopted and publicized this technology. In Toyota company known "Just- in- Time"(JIT) meaning as "what is needed, when it is needed and in the amount needed." Toyota Company has to eliminate waste, inconsistencies, and unreasonable requirements, resulting in improve productivity thought using JIT technology successfully. Under JIT system, Toyota factory's set up times are significantly reduced. When the products working in process, are reduced it and can cut down the set up time. Thus, the factory will allow improving their bottom line to look more efficient and focus time spent on other areas which need improvement. ...read more.


Thus, Toyota encourages their suppliers to duplicate this work with their own suppliers. II. Kanban System The idea of Kanban System came from supermarkets, it has also been called the "supermarket method". It is a unique production control method in Toyota's production system. The system use product control cards on which product related information, such as product name, product code, and storage location to signal the need for items. Because Toyota employed Kanban System signs in place of the cards for use in production process, the method came to be called the "Kanban System". Kanban System is part of a pull system that determines the supply, or production, according to the actual demand of the customers. It is used as a demand sifnal which immediately propagates through the supply chain. This can be used to ensure that intermediate stocks held in the supply chain are better managed, usually smaller. Kanban is a concept related to lean and JIT production. The Japanese word Kanban is a common everyday term meaning "signboard" or "billboard" and utterly lacks the specialized meaning that this loanword has acquired in English. ...read more.


For a typical product this supply chain extends from a raw material source through the production and distribution system to the point of consumption and the associated reverse logistics. The logistical activities include freight transport, storage, inventory management, materials handling and all the related information processing. The main objective of logistics is to co-ordinate these activities in a way that meets customer requirements at minimum cost. In the past this cost has been defined in purely monetary terms. As concern for the environment rises, companies must take more account of the external costs of logistics associated mainly with climate change, air pollution, noise, vibration and accidents. This research project is examining ways of reducing these externalities and achieving a more sustainable balance between economic, environmental and social objectives. JIT was subsequently adopted and publicized by Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan as part of its Toyota Production System. Toyota implemented Kanban System correctly, so JIT can lead to effective improvements in a manufacturing organization's return on investment, quality, and efficiency. Green Logistics get a lot support from many organizations, it makes environment friendly while saving cost. Theses technologies are used by another companies. i http://www.toyota.co.jp ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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