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Investigating the strength of Electrolytic solutions

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Jang Investigating the strength of Electrolytic solutions Name: Doug Isaiah Jang Homeroom: DP1 – B Class: Chemistry HL Rohana Sirimanna Date: 10/30/2010 Experiment #1 Experiment Number 1: Strength of Electrolytic Solutions 1.1. Qualitative Data 1.1.1. Physical Properties Picture 1 Picture 1 above shows the picture of solutions I used in this experiment. As one can see, all solutions are colorless, but one solution, calcium hydroxide, which is labeled in Picture 1, is a white, milk-like solution. 1.2 Raw Data 1.2.1. Current in mA following through different electrolytic solutions Table 1 Types of Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Unit and Multimeter solution Uncertainty Setting 0.5 M HCl (Hydrochloric acid) 45.0 45.0 50.0 ±2.5mA 300mA 0.5 M Ca(OH)â (Calcium hydroxide) 6.00 5.00 5.00 ±0.25mA 30mA 0.5 M NH4Cl (Ammonium chloride) 1.400 1.500 1.100 ±0.025mA 3mA Tap water 1.300 1.250 1.350 ±0.025mA 3mA 0.5 M NHâOH (Ammonium hydroxide) 1.350 1.300 1.350 ±0.025mA 3mA 0.5 M CHâCOâH (Acetic acid) ...read more.


1.350 1.300 1.350 ±0.025mA 3mA 1.333 0.026 Weak base 0.5 M CHâCOâH (Acetic acid) 0.850 1.000 0.900 ±0.025mA 3mA 0.917 0.068 Weak acid Distilled water 0.0500 0.0550 0.0500 ±0.0025mA 0.3mA 0.0517 0.0026 Neutral Table 2 is a processed data of experiment on investigation of the strength of different electrolytic solutions. I included average of the data about strength of each electrolytic solution to make the data table clearer. Furthermore, I also included standard deviation of the data, to summarize the spread of values around the mean. Lastly, I added additional information about these solutions, whether if they are acidic, basic or neutral solutions. 3.1 Conclusion and Evaluation 3.1.1. Conclusion: To conclude, the background information that was given to me by the instructor states that stronger acidic or basic solutions are stronger electrolytes than those of weaker acidic, basic or neutral solutions. Referring to Table 2, which is a processed data of acquired data from this experiment, it provides the information of solutions whether if they are acidic, basic or neutral. ...read more.


First of all, in order to follow the written instruction from the instruction sheets given, I had to wash equipments that made direct contact with the solution everytime I?m changing the solution that I will perform experiment upon with distilled water, but due to the lack of distilled water, I washed them with tap water instead. Second of all, I am not sure if 15 seconds were enough time for the fluctuations of the value to settle, or maybe it was too much time. Last of all, whenever I finish mixing the calcium hydroxide, I have to transfer the solution to the smaller beaker for measurement, but it takes time to do that and the substance might have been settled down within the calcium hydroxide solution. Therefore, there were some errors that prevented me from collecting the best results. Improvements can be made by providing each candidate, like me, with better lab equipments such as more advanced multimeter. Also, enough distilled water so I can wash equipments with it to follow the original instructions given. ...read more.

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