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Rice Production Case study

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Sungai Petani is the second largest city, in the State of Kedah, it is called the rice bowl of Malaysia, as it produces the majority of rice for the country of Malaysia. 31.05% of all the rice produced in Malaysia could be traced back to Kedah, making Sungai Petani a major contributor to Malaysia's rice production. Factors contributing to this cities' success in growing rice is the fertile soil in the area because of the Sungai river running through Sungai Petani, continued annually Rice is a complicated food source, but because of it's complexity people are able to maximize yields year after year. In order to grow rice, the area being grown in, must be flooded, so that the rice plant's roots can get nutrient directly from the water. ...read more.


Sungai Petani is a large village in Malaysia and has many sub-areas, with many of the rice paddies north of the Petani river, the average size of each farm .25km2. North of the Petani river the rice paddies are paired up with a house, while south of the Petani river there are high population density, and less paddies being paired with housing. The layouts of the farms are well planed as most bunds are in a straight line, and secondary roads running north to south and east to west. The housing on a rice farm is minimalist in Sungai Petani using organic materials to build their houses, however south of the Petani river most houses not on rice farms are modern, made with modern materials. ...read more.


Using these HYVs have improve quantity, by being more resistant to disease and pests. The future of this city in rice production, should be very well as it is one of the biggest city to produce rice, and with off shore businesses investing in their farms, such as NCER as they wish to improve "padi yield of malaysia's rice bowl to six to eight tones of grain per hectare by 2012 what at the same time, halving the current 5.7% poverty rate" because is such an important resource to the world as it provides food to more than half of the world. However because most countries are becoming urbanized eventually Sungai Petani will become urbanized converting rice fields into developed land. ...read more.

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