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Personal Project - creating a website to educate people about the history of the electric guitar.

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The Goal of My Project: The goal of my project is to inform people about the history of the electric guitar and the impact that it has had on music and society. The Context of My Choice: For three years I have played the electric guitar as a hobby and over time I have became attached to it and the music that it creates. So therefore the personal project seems to be a fantastic opportunity to explore into and learn more about the instrument and the impact that it has caused on music and society throughout the last eighty years. This project will also allow me to appreciate the electric guitar in a new way as I will not only have the ability to play the instrument but I will also have great knowledge. Which Area of Interaction Does My Project Relate to and Why: The topic that I have chosen for my personal project is linked closely to the Area of Interaction Human Ingenuity. This is because my topic depends strongly on researching into the origin, process and development of the electric guitar and the impact that the instrument has had on music and society. The electric guitar also shows of the human's capacity to improve life by benefiting the music industry and making music far more appealing to listen to. My project also relates to the Area of Interaction Approaches to Learning. This is because one of the key aspects of my project is to research into how I can inform people about the history of the electric guitar and the impact that it has had on music and society. The topic of informing people requires me to research into how I can communicate as much information as I possibly can to the viewer of my product. Therefore my project is related to the development of effective study skills which is one of the main areas of Approaches to Learning. ...read more.


He figured out that he could convert the vibrations created by guitar strings into electric signals. These electric signals could then be amplified through a speaker system. The first pick up design was crude and simple, although it slowly refined into the pickup designs that we see today. 1931- Adolph Rickenbacker, George Beauchamp and Paul Barth founded the Electro String Company. It was this company that manufactured the first electric guitar "The Log". Gibson (a huge guitar company today) saw the success of these guitars and decided to build their own guitar, the ES-150. 1940- Guitar legend Les Paul manufactured the first solid body electric guitar "The Log". This guitar was built out of wood which reduced the sound of feedback which its predecessors suffered from due to their materials. 1950- Leo Fender mass produced the first electric guitar, the Fender Broadcaster. The success of the Fender Company then inspired other companies to mass produce guitars such as Gibson. 1954- The Fender guitar company constructed the Stratocaster which is said to be the most iconic electric guitar of all time. 1960- New Japanese guitar companies began to mass produce cheaper guitars which were around the same quality as the American models. This caused the American companies to produce cheaper guitar models. 1970- More and more guitars were being produced. There was now a large variety of different looking and sounding guitars. New guitars were also being produced for different styles of music. The Change that the Electric Guitar Brought to Music: The main revelation that the electric guitar brought to music was the huge increase in volume. This increase in volume allowed the guitarist to be heard amongst the other loud instruments of the common band. Now the guitarist would not only be able to strum the rhythm of the song but they would also be capable of playing creative melodic lines or other solo parts other the songs rhythm without being overpowered. ...read more.


It is best to keep the visitor comfortable and with most passages (when writing in English) the text is on the left. Without an easy to read text the website would be unable to inform people with a good amount of information. This is because the difficult to read text is to infuriating to read. The website should be easy to navigate- To create a website which is easy to navigate all the graphic images and videos should be clearly labelled. All the colours used should be selected with care (the background colours should not obscure the text). It is also important that navigational buttons and links are easy to see and find. It is important to remember that the viewer should be able to find what they want within three seconds. The webpage layout and design should be consistent throughout the site- As with any other document created on computer the layout and design should be consistent throughout the website. As this makes the website seem professional instead of being a mess. For example if you use a drop shadow as a special effect in your bullet points, you should use drop shadows in all of your bullets. Link-colours should be consistent throughout your web pages. Typefaces and background colours, too, should remain the same throughout your site. About Wix Website Designer: Wix is a free website designer which has an easy to use interface therefore making it extremely beneficial towards people new to website design. This is because Wix has pre website templates that can be used and backing designs both of which can be altered to the user's specifications. The website allows the user to enter information, pictures and flash video it also contains all of the tools used in a complex website designer. There reasons make Wix an excellent choice of website designer for beginners such as myself. Wix Website Designer Guide: The first stage when using Wix website designer is to become used to the programmes interface. ...read more.

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