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WWI - Total War essay

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By my own understanding "Total War" is when the whole world is emerged in the destruction which the war brings. In all the meanings of this word- physical, social, economical, moral, etc. It is when the everyday lives of soldiers and also civilians are either changed significantly or ended because of the battle between the nations themselves, where both soldiers and civilians are hurt. WWI - the first total war, where propagandas were presented to whole nations to stir them up to the offensive position by their leaders causing the participation of ordinary people in this bloodbath to defend their own countries. New, radical, more powerful weapons and methods of warfare are developed and basically no-one in the world could feel completely safe, since there was always a chance of an attack from the enemy. Most of the world during this period felt like sitting on a powder keg which could explode any time. More or less the whole world was embraced in the terror of WWI - almost every continent of the world could feel the war (except for Antarctica (no major inhabitants) ...read more.


The tragedy of the Belgian city Antwerp, which was bombed by the German Zeppelin airplanes, was a real carnage. There were more than 500 hundred casualties and more than 900 houses were demolished. These assaults on the civilians were terrible crimes committed by ruthless people, who only cared for the victory of their own nation. Therefore, no one could be relaxed since about 100 countries participated in the war. Any of them could be assaulted any time. During this war many of the political leaders used propagandas to strengthen the power of the military force by adding civilians to the war. And this was done by catchy and provoking propagandas, which basically left no choice for the civilians but to join the fight against the other nations. Since most these propagandas showed how horrible is the enemy - there was no choice but to believe in them. Many civilians had to join in the fight because of pride and anger. Therefore, this war was even more terrible than it was prognosticated to be. Propaganda which made civilians fight, was one of the main aspects, which made this war unique compared to the wars before, since in the past wars armies were small and professional, but ...read more.


No quality of the existing production (women working instead of men) or no production at all made lives of the majority of people very miserable during and after the war. People had to fight for survival even when the war was officially ended. It is clear that this war was the most disastrous war experienced at that time, since the whole world was sinking in the terror of the effects and aftermath of WWI. No one was left out and humanity had finally achieved the absolute chaos in all the most important spheres. Pain, fear and suffering were the dominating themes during this war - even for those countries, which did not lose the war. The population of the world lost a significant part of it, but it gained significant experience with the death toll of millions - it had experienced the total war, which made all the nations stronger with the experience, but still - this experience was not put to use correctly. After the bloodbath of WWI humans became even more bloodthirsty during the next WW. This war changed part of the humanity into fierce, heartless animals and, perhaps, this can be felt even today and might be felt soon in the future. ?? ?? ?? ?? Total War ...read more.

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