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Achieving success at Robert Bateman only takes a few good words of advice, first is you need to have joy and enthusiasm as you enter the walls of Robert Bateman High School.

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November 2007 The RBHS Gazette Achieving success at Robert Bateman only takes a few good words of advice, first is you need to have joy and enthusiasm as you enter the walls of Robert Bateman High School. You must have the will to learn, never expect to achieve greatness without actually contributing yourself. There are many types of learning strategies that help students achieve success, like kinaesthetic learners and intrapersonal learners and many more. The kinaesthetic learners are "hands-on learners" or the "doers" who actually concentrate better and learn easily when movement is involved. People who are more hands on have an advantage when it comes to the technical and hand on things in school. They often learn well when they are imitating others and enjoy physical education provided in high school. Kinaesthetic learning is important when to have in school to because you can experience things hand-on and without books which will be prepare for the workplace in the near future; you don't really learn things out of textbooks when you enter the workplace. ...read more.


Personal management skills are important in achieving success in high school because if you are not organized how will you find your work in the future. Organization is when you have sorted all of your belongings in a way which you can easily find without having to look for a long period of time. Organization reflects on the order you do things assigned to you; how do you manage time, set goals, make improvements. Organization is important in high school because if you have zero time management you will not be able to finish your work, you will be in a lot of stress and the work you submit will probably be very satisfactory. In school you are given many notes and assignment that are important to keep for your exams at the end of each semester; if you don't organize these things or finish them then how will you find them in the future? ...read more.


One way you can have success in this skill is when you have a test in class you will have to be independent; you must try to focus and use your time effectively. One learning barrier that I experienced in grade 9 is that I was very shy and unsocial; I couldn't really speak to anyone who was unfamiliar. One way I learned how to cope with this learning barrier was that I tried to talking with an old friend who I knew really well and asked her to help me write out something I could say when I meet these new people in school. As I went on with the school year and met more and more people I started to loosen up and felt more comfortable. I didn't need her advice anymore and managed to get over my fear. I think that the queue cards really helped me because I would have felt embarrassed if she had gone around introducing me to everyone herself. -Vanja Bukorovic ...read more.

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