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Autobiography based on Glass Menagerie + rationale

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The Kowalewski house lies in the center of Warsaw, , one of those small apartments located in the overcrowded old part of the town which is the dwelling place of most of Warsaw's Jewish population. The atmosphere in this part of the town is tense, heavy and nerve-racking as if something terrible had just happened or is bound to happen.. The apartment faces the statue of the great Kazimierz Pulaski, a Polish war hero who died fighting for his country's independence, located in the Market Square. The statue symbolizes freedom, independence and safety. At the beginning of the play the interior of the apartment is revealed. The living room is quite spacious, the decoration is typical of the time and region, with many colourful Jewish paintings on the walls which contrasts with the excess darkness of the place. In the middle of the room, there's a photograph of Dawid's father, a very elegant man with a delightful smile wearing a military uniform, illuminated by rays of light. Dawid enters wearing a German soldier's uniform. He addresses the audience. Dawid : To begin with I turn back time. I reverse it to the late 30's, a period of great difficulties in many European countries, specially in Poland where people lived in a constant fear of a possible German attack at any second. ...read more.


Only if dad were here, he would be able to protect us and guide us if indeed something happens. Cecylia stares at the photograph of their father and continues eating. Dawid (Positive): Don't worry sister I'll protect you when needed. I can promise you that. After all it's my duty to make sure you and mother are safe all the time. Dawid stands up and takes the plates to the kitchen. At that same time a huge explosion is heard outside. People are screaming on Warsaw's streets. There is the sound of many people marching up the stairs of the building. Music: Third Reich military music Anastazia (desperately): Quick, hide! (She makes a gesture towards the cupboard near the dining table.) At that same time four German soldiers enter the apartment. Dawid is able to hide whilst Anastazia and Cecylia are taken away. He is tempted to go after them but remains hidden as if someone had told him to do that. Dawid is left alone, static, in desperation, not knowing what to do. He looks outside the window, rain pouring out of the grey sky and sees his mother and family being dragged by two German soldiers. The statue of Kazimierz Pulaski lies on the ground. ...read more.


Dawid is a character in the play as well as the narrator which again is alienating since that doesn't normally happen on stage .Dawid can also exaggerate sometimes since the audience are seeing the scene through Dawid's perspective. Again I decided I would add music to the scene to create an atmosphere and the fact that the music used is "Third Reich military music" is also a bit humoruus and alienating to the audience. Williams also uses various symbols, such as the glass menagerie, so again I decided to use a symbol. The statue of Kazimierz Pulaski symbolizes freedom, independence and safety and when the statue is knocked down by the German people are no longer safe or free. Overall I think my text is good since it's written in a similar style to Tennessee Williams and it sounds authentic, all of that can happen in the real world or has indeed happened. I think the use of the statue as a symbol was a good idea, since Tennessee Williams likes to use symbols such as the glass menagerie, as was the pathetic fallacy however maybe a more personal view of the surroundings could have been given in the opening stage directions to make the opening description even more closely related to Tennessee Williams style of writing. ...read more.

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