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Book review. Bruce Lee the author of this book tried to mark the most important qualities how to make yourself a good fighter

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Pleasure Reading Miroslav IEP 6B - Academic reading Instructor: Sona Bausov� Pleasure reading November 28. 2006 "Into a mind absolutely free from thoughts and emotions, even a tiger finds no room to insert its fierce claws." Gung Fu is more than just an excellent physical exercise or a highly scientific method of self-defense. For chinese people it is a training of their mind as well as a Way of life. The real gung fu can"t be mastered by simple learning theory or fact-finding. There is lot more inside, a real hard-working mind and body as a not separated entities. You have to find yourself in the Tao of this great martial art. Tao is as old as the world begun. Tao comes from Taoism and is expressed in the book of Lao-tzu called The Tao Te Ching. In this book, Lao-Tzu describes spontaneity of the universe, meaning of symbol Yin & Yan, and eternal cycles, the relativity of all standards, the source of all energy in space. The basic idea of the Tao Te Ching is naturalism in sense of Wu Wei (no doing), which do not explain it as really doing nothing, but in the way of spontaneity. ...read more.


The most important thing is to make your senses flow freely. Let your energy passing through your body and try to stay calm all the time. In this case It would be useless to tell you which technique you should use and then and then and then. You never use it to protect yourself. During fighting you would never imagine one technique you have practiced only a little of time. It is a long period of repetition to completely understand the real meaning of the martial art. This is only a basic principle of self-defense. You must aplly most effective weapons as soon as possible to the vulnerable points of your enemy. Do not forget to breathe freely and to be one with your body and soul as a one unseparatable thing in your life. Yin & Yan the symbol of Tai Chi, two independent forces and two interlocking parts of one whole. The white part with black spot represents Yan and the black part with white spot represents Yin. The most common mistake of Western world is to consider these two forces as dualistic. ...read more.


He loved martial arts. He prefered better to be overtrained than not to be trained at all.After some years of studying martial arts, esspecially Wing Chun, Thai Chi, Judo, Karate, he developed a Jeet Kune Do. A martial art combining many styles but without artlesness. He found himself in Jeet Kunde Do, because he could express himself, that is the most important thing for every man who practice some martial art..He brought a real Tao of gung fu. He is a person, who has been the best in his art. In 1973, during a shoting his film Enter the dragon, suddenly fell to the ground. A few days later he died.He was only 33 years old. Nobody knew what had happend. It does not matter how he died, I respect him as the greatest martial artist of 20th century.(only if I concern Morihei Ueshiba to to previous century. It is no my priority to think about what could kill him, but how his personality made a evolution in the world�s martial arts. Tao of Gung fu ...read more.

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