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How does 'Time & Setting' play a role in the Merchant of Venice? - Outline Plan

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Extended Essay How does 'Time & Setting' play a role in the "Merchant of Venice"? Jal Chibber 12S1 * Introduction to Venice and Belmont. * Introduction of characters in each setting. * Venice - representation of evil, Belmont - representation of good * Venice - Money, Anti-jew, Belmont - suitors from all over the world came to woo Portia. * Belmont: Portia's House (hero of the play), pleasant, peaceful environment. * Characters in Venice: continual prejudice and vengeful attitude portrayed by the characters. * In Venice people are prejudice against Jews because it is allowed in their religion to lend money as a business. * The Christians in Venice are against money being lent as a business so they act in an anti-Semitic nature towards the Jews, forcing them into living in Jewish ghettos, which are dark and gloomy, often being portrayed like jails. ...read more.


* Belmont is completely adverse to Venice; their people are generally more calm and gentle towards each other. Belmont is the setting where Portia lives and the people there are of a higher class of those from Venice. * Shakespeare describes Belmont to us as having a very slow-paced living; he does this by setting very long gaps between scenes set there. * The main theme in Belmont is that of love & loyalty, Shakespeare shows us this by doing Scenes involving matters of affection like where Nerissa keeps her fathers promise, showing us how important he was to her. * The main theme in Venice is that of greed and revenge e.g. ...read more.


* The language used in each plot is dis-similar as the language in Belmont uses poetic love riddles to describe the atmosphere cleverly. * Shakespeare is not afraid to show compassion in his writing as he does so by using intelligent poetry, He writes using soft words used to describe the situation whereas in Venice he uses sharp words to empathise the situation. * Subsequently he uses short sentences to portray the overall speed of the place, Venice has a very fast paced living.The words are sharp, the sentences are short and as usual they normally give reference to money. * We can see that the settings of Belmont and Venice play a very considerable role in the play, "The Merchant Of Venice", which can be argued as almost as vital to the play as the characters themselves. ...read more.

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