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In life, people accumulate things that they simply cannot get rid of. These things can be unshakeable memories, people they cant forget, or items that they just dont have the will to toss in the trashcan.

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Caitlyn Massy Mr. Pabst English 10 Honors 26 August 2009 For Good In life, people accumulate things that they simply cannot get rid of. These things can be unshakeable memories, people they can't forget, or items that they just don't have the will to toss in the trashcan. They can carry the memory of making a dollhouse with thei grandpa who recently passed away or the iPod that stays in her pocket all day just so she can listen to one song. The things a person carries with hin can weigh him down or lift him up. A person doesn't decide what to carry with him; he can't make it go away. It's just there. Memories are supposed to fade; they have to in order make room for the new ones. However, some memories remain vivid forever. In the past four years, I have had four family members die. When somebody dies, I feel guilt: guilt that I never got to say goodbye, or that I didn't when I got the chance. ...read more.


She always hated to be left out. I love my family, and, even though I only know a few facts about those in my life who have passed on, I will continue carry with me the love that I have always felt for them. People come in and out of your life. They come in for a reason, to teach you some moral, and then they leave. At least, they're supposed to. Not all people follow this pattern, though. My friend, Katie Coppage, is one of these people. I have known her since preschool, and we've been friends ever since. She taught me how to stand up for myself, and make myself be heard. I came to preschool shy and unsure, and came out of sixth grade confident and loud. She changed me without even talking to me. In fourth grade, we had a huge fight and didn't talk until the middle of sixth grade. ...read more.


My swing set has been through a lot with me, and I just can't get rid of it. The backyard would look empty without it, because it's been there so long. The memories that I associate with it are already fading, and it feels like the only thing that keeps them there, even vaguely, is that swing set. It doesn't take much to make an object something so important that you carry it with you for ever, but sometimes the things that stick around are ones you'd never expect, like a childhood swing set. Everybody has things they can't, or don't want, to get rid of, things they carry with them. They can't choose what they carry. It can be abstract or tangible, a memory or an object. The load makes us sad or happy. No matter what the object is, and no matter what form it comes in, it's always with us. For good. Massy 1 ...read more.

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