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It was just an imagination

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It was just an imagination. While I'm snorkelling under the sea for the first time at Pangkor Island, I see a lot of beautiful, bright colour, small fishes. I think of touching them, so I start to move my hands and bring it closer to touch the fish which look like a 'Nemo'. Suddenly, the fish turns and look at me with horrifying look. I'm shocked until I can't even blink my eyes. The fish then grow bigger, bigger at once in front of my eyes. Become as big as a shark. The orange's colour of the Nemo fish suddenly fades and become black in colour. ...read more.


I look around, as my adrenaline starts to be secreted, I just think of the perfect time to swim away, but suddenly, more huge fishes, bigger than the fish in front of me come closer to me. I'm thinking of being a risk taker, although I am scare, I still decided to swim among the weird, ugly fishes and go away from them. However when I start to swim, all the fishes, swim swiftly, follows me, 'Zap..Zup..Zap..' I increase my swimming speed and there, I found a place to hide. I go inside the wreck ship and saw three pikes. As fast as lightning I grab the pike and throw it at my targeted fish. ...read more.


Out of sudden, I feel someone touching me from the back, I open my eyes and... Eh, he was my tourist guider. He asked me, what takes me so long under the sea without the oxygen tank, I might have drowning. He actually ended my imaginations and pulls me back to reality. I feel relief as that was just my imagination as it is my first experience going snorkelling. When I recall back my dream just now, I asked myself, why don't I just swim to the surface of water instead of running away from the fish until I don't even know my way out. However, I realised that, it was an imagination, does not always relate to my logical thinking and I continue enjoying the view of the sea without trying to imagine something weird anymore. ...read more.

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