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My Biggest Decision. I reach and grab for the pill without thinking. I wake up my friend with an elbow to the rib and we proceed with caution to the bathroom

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´╗┐Red, blue and green neon lights search the walls of the school's auditorium. Loud hip-hop/r&b music is blasted at the four corners of the large building. There seems to be a party going on but I?m here on the sidelines sipping on punch that was spiked (alcohol was added) to capacity. A few girls have already fallen victim to the concoction. They are laid onto the floor passed out. The scent of alcohol burns my nostrils. I turn my head and immediately recognize the face in front of me. It was Kirk our local drug dealer. ?Hey Tony I have this new shipment of pills... I haven?t tested it out yet so how about I give you one for you and your bro to share. ...read more.


The second it was released the pill went into my mouth and down my throat it slid. The party-goer washed his face and headed back into the party scene not noticing what I had done. It was all over I had won. But now I have to come face to face with the cruel realization that I was high on some unknown drug, drunk, unable to stand and I have to be carried away on the shoulders of my friend completely helpless. I thought to myself in that moment I could truly die right now. We entered the car and headed home. But it was late and we were both tired so it was natural that the driver fell asleep at the wheel. ...read more.


The days are harsh but the nights are harsher. He tosses and turns all night long contemplating over what had happen. Sleep continues to elude him. The sun rises on a new day and there?s a knock on the door. The door opens and Chris comes into the room meeting his brother sitting out on the balcony. He keeps on mumbling ?I'm sorry, I'm so sorry? over and over. Carl creeps closer ?Wait?. The breeze picks up. He begins to stumble. His eyes are filled with fear and sadness. Glistening with sweat and still in his pajamas he falls. He lands on a car below with a loud thud breaking the glass windows on impact and denting the roof of the car considerably. His brother looks over the balcony mouth agape. He is stunned at the sudden passing of his younger brother. ...read more.

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