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Parachute and Otherwise Poem Commentary

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Parachute Essay-Alwin 11A Peters' Parachute suggests that a new experience brings thrills to a person's mind and body. Peters' embodied the thrill of a new experience is embodied in the poem by using literary devices, such as Rhyming, Imagery and choice of words. Peters' also brought up the issue of how a situation that is peaceful could turn into a situation that could be deadly after the poet has taken on the experience. In the first stanza, Peters' used rhythm to show how a calm situation became a potentially fatal situation for the parachute man. The first four lines first showed how the parachute man overwhelmed by the experience and he describes his excitement with the word "breathe away". Peters also used rhyming to symbolize the calmness of the situation. Thus a brake in the rhyming shows the changing attitudes of the situation. He shows it by using the sentence "Till you get used to it". This shows how the first step of a new experience can left a person confused, losing control and alienated by the situation. ...read more.


The tone of the poem also shows how the parachute man is in a situation that is calm and safe, because the tone of the poem was faster in the middle part due to the fast paced nature of riding a parachute. The rhythm used in the Parachute supported the current flow of the situation. It enabled readers to view what is the current state of the parachute's man's feelings and puts readers straight to the experience. Peters' is suggesting that a new experience is worth to try but also is saying to his readers how there are risks to every action taken. Otherwise Essay-Alwin 11A McQueen's Otherwise presents the suffering of being in a long distance relationship and the differences of setting between the couple. The title of the poem, Otherwise indicates what is the current reality and what is hoped for. The division of the poem into two stanzas is also a symbol about the current reality of the relationship and what the lovers hope for. In the first stanza, McQueen shows the current situation that the lovers are facing and is showed upon in the second line, "from an opposite country". ...read more.


It shows that the couple hope they can't be separated unless by death, as symbolized by the using of the words "right to the very end". The Pacific Ocean in the poem personifies unity between the differences of the lovers. Geographic wise, the ocean reaches every continent on Earth, showing how even though the lovers are parted, they will always have something in common, which is the Pacific Ocean. The one sided view on the relationship in the poem suggest to readers that only the lover who is talking is the only one who cares about the relationship. She is the only one stepping out and expressing her opinions and feelings of the relationship. The setting contributes to the understanding of the poem in a way that it shows readers the difference in the couple's current living situation and adds more romantic feel to the story. The setting used by McQueen gave readers better understanding of the poem and more detailed imagery. Its structure symbolizes the situation of the speaker and McQueen showed the differences between the lovers by comparing opposite factors. Thus, McQueen's message of showing the suffering of long distance relationships is better understood and interpreted. ...read more.

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