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Statement of purpose. was once a very lazy and a person who makes a lot of mistake, therefore, I failed in my IGCSE examination. My father told me a very important fact. A person who fails, he needs to get back up.

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Statement of Purpose Dream hard; I dream hard because I want to fulfill my dream! Study hard; I study hard because I want to achieve a higher and bigger success! Work hard; I work hard because I want to become a useful and successful person! My life begins with three words, "Dream hard", "Study hard", and "Work hard". Being a successful person, I kept saying to myself everyday the best preparation for tomorrow is to do today's work superbly well. Today it is an honorable day. I am here to apply the Pre-Associate Program in Hong Kong Baptist University. I am gladly and greatly to request to be a student in HKBU. ...read more.


Therefore I succeed. In 2009, I have successfully got 2 certificates of Travel and tourism and Business in the course BTEC. The more will and action, the more you success! English, this is the significant in the world. English is the key to enter the world; therefore, I had applied the TOEFL examination which I will be taken in June. I expect myself to earn a high standard result. I will prove myself is an intelligent and diligent person. Before I apply HKCU, I gave 3 years time to improve my English skills and business skills. If I have the chance to study in HKBU, I must do every task of win-win solution. ...read more.


We must always strive hard, struggle hard and fight hard to understand knowledge. My father is a successful man who does every thing perfectly and superbly well. My dream is to marvelous and fabulous than my father. One day I will pass through the line of the end, yet, I need to study harder and fight harder in order to pass the line of the end. Dreaming the dream, I have the will, the heart and the faith to strive and struggle for my dream. Hong Kong Baptist University is the perfect and positive place to develop and nourish my dream. I will grow, I will change, I will become and intelligent, diligent, excellent person. Being a man who fulfill his dream, he is proud of he can fulfill his dream! Being a man who succeeds, he is gladly that he exchanges what he wants! ...read more.

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