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Things I Carried

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Things I carried Things I carry everyday to school varies from day to day and week to week. The things and load depends on the class and activities I have that day. Like when I have math I will have to carry the big fat math books which weigh about 1kg, the calculators, the folder with the exercise books and all homework completed which is a big burdened it self. When I have art I have to carry the A3 size books and during art class the horror of messing up my work, and or the nervousness of the out come of all the efforts and time spent on the piece of art. On top of all the feeling have to be careful and not mess up the room or my clothes and not waste any of the materials. ...read more.


So I get to homeroom trembling because I was late and I was freezing. Next I had geography so my classmates and I walk to class and on the way my friend asks me if I had done my Kiswahili homework and I was like "OH SHOT" I did not do my Kiswahili homework so I rush to geography class and take my geography stuff out and set them on the table. Luckily the teacher was not in class yet so I take out my red Kiswahili folder and start my homework. So I finish it in about fifteen minutes but the geography teacher was not here yet so we left class and went to the library. I sat down an open my homework dairy and look and the long list of homework. ...read more.


I left it and help my friend next while crushing candy for her some candy fell over my black trouser which looked very bad and then on top of that accidentally she dropped some vinegar on my shoes. It was home time finally I got in to my car and my brother spills his soda on me. So I was like I there anything else left since I was already caring a lot of things. I got home and my mum and the guests look at me. Which made me feel depressed, shameful embarrassed. So I just run upstairs and start doing my English homework which was to write about "Things I carried". But today I had carried so much that I was not been able to carried the work and so I just hope I don't have to carry anything else. ?? ?? ?? ?? Word count: - 709 ...read more.

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