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Psychology essay-Discuss ways in which ethical considerations affect research in the Cognitive perspective

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1. Discuss ways in which ethical considerations affect research in the Cognitive perspective. (20 marks) The cognitive perspective started in the late 20th century and became a dominant paradigm in psychology. The cognitive perspective suggests that humans are information processors and are similar to computers. This perspective also proposed the study of the internal mental processes that lie between the stimuli we receive and the responses we make. These internal mental processes are investigated scientifically through experimentation, case studies and research. It is possible that ethical considerations affect the research in the cognitive perspective, for example by limiting the amount and the extent of experimentation done on humans and living animals. Since ethical guidelines are always considered while conducting research, it may limit the amount of research being obtained. The cognitive approach is mainly to do with internal processes and with the mind and it is necessary in the name of science to experiment with living animals and ...read more.


Research done on animals also have to be ethically considered as there are various reasons why animals shouldn't be experimented on including the fact that humans are mentally, qualitatively different from animals and obtaining research through animals can lead to faulty over-generalization. So if psychologists are going through with experimenting on animals, it is important that they follow the ethical guidelines set to cause the minimum amount of pain and discomfort to the animal studies. The fact that ethics have to always be in mind can limit the experiments that are necessary to advance in the cognitive approach. When considering research in the cognitive perspective that involves humans, the ethical guidelines have to be strongly imposed and participants have to be consented before the experiment. Deception plays a big role in these ethical considerations as leads participants to believe something other than the truth-this can also be a limitation when experimenting. ...read more.


Who should do the controlling and also what behaviour and how it should be controlled. These ethical considerations can be applied in all aspects of psychology including the cognitive perspective. In conclusion, there are many ethical issues that need to be considered that can affect the cognitive perspective as it limits the amount of research because of qualitative differences between humans and animals and invalid findings. There are many examples given of experiments which were considered unethical although they were still carried out. Today participants' and animal's rights have gotten stronger which can limit the amount of research done on both humans and animals. There are some arguments why animals shouldn't be tested on anyway whether they suffer or not but equally there are some valid arguments for testing on animals for example they can breed faster than humans and the results can be seen quicker. In this case, the cognitive will suffer as there are many restrictions for conducting experiments and they will either have to be altered or not done at all. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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