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Is artistic judgement merely subjective opinion?

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Is artistic judgment merely subjective opinion? Many would say that art is an expression of personal feelings and emotion, and therefore many would say that art is also judged by subjective opinions, as personal feelings are required to appreciate art. Two factors affecting our artistic judgment are our individual and cultural paradigms, which forms the basis of our subjective opinion on a piece of art. ...read more.


This conforms to the universal structure of thoughts, in which we use data, facts and experience while thinking. Our cultural paradigm also plays an important role in our subjective artistic judgments. This happens as our minds are constantly influenced by our religions and cultures, thus affecting our personal taste and likings. An example of this would be people living in a country whose main religion is Buddhism would tend to prefer the painting of a Buddha while a Christian would prefer a painting of Christ Jesus. ...read more.


The article "Is 'beauty' just 'biology'?" has research showing that humans sub-consciously have unanimous preferences for beauty. In the article, it states that there are certain features like body symmetry that affects the attractiveness of humans. It also states that even babies, who unlike adults, are not affected by paradigms, tend to stare longer at photos of people who are considered to be attractive by adults. This shows that the human mind has a sub-conscious preference for beauty, and this preference related to the object's features. ...read more.

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