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A commentary on 'The Water was Deep and Went Forever Down' by Tim Winton

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A commentary ?The water was deep and it went forever down? by Tim Winton This short passage, taken from the story ?The Water was Dark and it went forever Down? from Tim Winton?s anthology ?Minimum of Two? Winton explores the themes of normality, isolation and self devaluation. The passage plays out through the eyes of a young girl who appears as strong minded yet broken from events of the past, almost like a bystander in her own life. This passage betrays a strong sense of suffering on both mental and physical and also hints to larger themes of caged existence and the recurring theme in the anthology, of a minimum of two. It is through the use of nature that Winton develops his key ideas and sends more powerful messages in this text. ...read more.


This paragraph also reflects of the girls idea of ?normal? which is clearly a social depiction of normality as everything she mentions can be related back to how society views one should look, behave and feel. Evidently when the girls thinks ?stay out of mental hospitals, save for some special surgery? God be normal? she struggles with the idea that her ?family? is not normal and this is inturn affecting her, an idea which is shown further on in the passage when she talks about her self as if she is not like everyone else, ?the others? as she refers to them. Comparison is another technique that Winton relies on and is very evident in this text and the way that Winton compares the girls trapped existence at home and then move straight onto the landscape that is trapping in itself emphasizes the point. ...read more.


?she?s gonna drive me crazy? is the first time that the girl actually speaks and it mirrors her desire to be normal and fear of turning into her mother who has only every been an obstacle in her life. The way she refers to the other girls as the ?others? and to her self as a machine highlights that again. The girls description of swimming is not like a job but still something that she has to do, that is important for her survival, it represents her escape, her way out of this life that she hates so much and that is why she clings to it. The more that the girl thinks about her past the more she becomes different to the ?others? but also the more it helps her to eventually become an engine and to become free. ...read more.

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