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Character Analysis Essay. Bless me, Ultima, by Rudolfo Anaya, is a novel about the process of self-discovery and the power of inner strength

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Alex Ibanez English II Pre-Ap 10/15/2010 1-B Bless Me, Ultima Bless me, Ultima, by Rudolfo Anaya, is a novel about the process of self-discovery and the power of inner strength. The young Character of Antonio Marez endures a series of valuable life experiences that allows him to mature and see the world from a different perspective. Antonio Marez goes from ignorance to intelligence, making him a dynamic character Early in the novel, Tony Marez can be described as a smart, yet ignorant character. For instance, when Tony awoke from his slumber he?s realizing that ?when I thought of leaving my mother and going to school a warm, sick feeling came to my stomach?(page 7). ...read more.


Because Tony is only six years and he is thinking about his future and what he want to do with it. However Tony does show some ignorance. While Tony is walking to school he meets Horse and his crew for the first time in the novel. ?But my father often said that a man from the llano does not run from a fight.? This shows that Tony has not fully developed his way of thinking. Anyone else would have just walked away from the fight but he takes what his dad says in context and fights, proving that Tony is a smart, yet ignorant character early in the novel. ...read more.


Furthermore, ?Then maybe I don?t have to be just a Marez or Luna, perhaps I can be both.?(Page 247) Tony is with his dad while they are going to Tony?s uncle, when he has an epiphany about not having to choose between his two families. Tony goes through the process of thinking like an adult and resolving his problem professional. Thus proving that Tony starts to think and act more of an adult throughout this novel. Tony started as an ignorant character early in the novel. He had to go though many crossroads to convert into a wise character. As he encountered these crossroads he gained confidence to think on his own and not depend on his parents. And these crossroads lead to his self-discovery and the power of inner strength. ...read more.

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