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Compare an extract from The Magic Toyshop and A Sentimental Journey.

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Anna-Louise Wigginton Compare Extract A - The Magic Toyshop and Extract B - A Sentimental Journey and compare to wider reading. Consider how the Authors use form, structure and language to present their thoughts and ideas. The two extracts are from novels written two centuries apart centred on the theme of love. The extracts have well structured paragraphs suitable to the style of the novel and can be compared with each other as well as wider reading texts. Both extracts show a scene between a male and a female and because of the times in which they were written their explicitness is very different. In extract A, because it was written in 1968, shows a kiss between two young people whereas in extract B the most they do is hold hands. This shows how the society at these different times would react to displays of affection and how in more modern times it has become more acceptable to show ones feelings for another person whether they are true love or not. The extracts having been written two centuries apart have different language due to the times but the earlier written is not incomprehensible and one should be able to read what is written and understand it. ...read more.


'-If I do, said I, I shall perish-' is an example of when the hyphens replace speech marks and 'I had given her - She said' is an example of when it replaces a full stop. The reader knows that it replaces a full stop because the word after it 'She' begins with a capital letter. The length of the sentences also gives a crucial element to the way that the writing is understood. Both extracts have their mix of long and short sentences and while extract A has more of a mix, extract B consists almost entirely of long sentences broken up by speech, hyphens, commas and semi-colons. Short sentences such as 'she could not move or speak. She waited in an agony of apprehension' create a tension in the atmosphere surrounding an event that should be happy; this is also shown in Rebecca with the quotation of 'They were not afraid' which also shows someone not being afraid as a thing which creates tension for the protagonist when it should be a good thing. The longer sentences are also used in a way to show negativity, in extract A, whereas in extract B they are used so that they can involve as much description as possible. ...read more.


The last device that both extracts use is rhetorical questions and both are used within the narration though they may not always be in the narration in other texts. 'What was the need?' and 'or how his spirit stands answerable to the father of spirits, but for his conduct under them?' are both questions spoken in the narration by the protagonists in the extracts. These link with both Rebecca and The Miller's Tale though as they also use rhetorical questions; 'Will you look into my eyes and tell me that you love me now?' and 'what have I do?' however, are both spoken rhetorical questions. All four of these rhetorical questions also show how they are usually used when the speaker is in a negative situation for example Maxim de Winter has just confessed to his new wife that he killed Rebecca and Absolon has just kissed Alyson's bottom. The two extracts, though written two centuries apart, have many structural similarities that add to the way the reader reads and interprets the writing but though they have similarities within these they also have differences to show each author's unique style of writing. ...read more.

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