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Consequences of Imprisonment in Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis" and in Gabriel Garca Marquz's "No One Writes to the Colonel"

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Consequences of Imprisonment in Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis and Gabriel Garc�a M�rquez's No One Writes to the Colonel. Confined in or as if in prison1 is the commonly accepted definition for the word of imprisonment. In these books, the authors investigate the effects of many forms of imprisonment on a person's psyche. Gabriel Garc�a M�rquez writes using poverty as the imprisonment of the Colonel and his wife. Because of their financial state, they are unable to do anything, and are therefore "imprisoned". However, in Kafka's Metamorphosis, Samsa is treated as if he is in a prison, rather then being kept by something less palpable. However, the consequences, of these seperate definitions are the same. The subject is lonely, depressed, and is unsure of his future, and it is these consequences that link the stories together. In Metamorphosis, after Gregor transforms into an insect, he is almost immediatly shoved into his prison; in other words: his room. Here, Gregor is forced to think about how he helps, or rather hinders, his family. ...read more.


Garc�a M�rquez chooses to portray imprisonment using poverty as the cells and political corruption as the wardens and the guards. "He had to grit his teeth many times to ask for credit in the neighborhood stores."6 The Colonel, imprisoned by his poverty, despite wishing not to accept help from others, is forced to do something he does not want to. This is only present in a prison environment (or a parenting environment, but that is besides the point). In a normal series of events, the average person is free to do what he wants, when he wants unless it does not infringe on someone else's freedom. This becomes more available with money, but should always be availalable. However, when the Colonel is forced to ask someone for money, he is leaving this environment of freedom and moving into an imprisonment because he cannot survive without it. So, this imprisonment of the Colonel and his wife is based on their lives, and simply occurs because of a tragic series of events. ...read more.


Trapped in their respective stories, the two share an emotional connection where they experience the same consequences because of different things. But, when we compare the character development because of their imprisonment, we see how the Colonel is trying to stay alive to help himself, while Gregor wants to die to help his family. The two share a connection through feelings: through a state of mind, not because of the depression or hunger, but rather because of the knowledge of being imprisoned and deprived from freedom. Imprisonment can come in all sorts of forms, but they all result in the same way: loneliness, depression, and disease. Take for example actual prisoners: they are all depressed, and when they come out, they vow that they will never return to prison again. This is how the protagonists of the story feel, except for a small detail: they cannot leave. No One Writes to the Colonel and Metamorphosis is an excellent way to display the consequences of imprisonment on a person, and how it affects them, mentally and physically. ...read more.

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