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Discuss Miss Julies inability to live within the gender and class roles imposed on her by society.

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Discuss Miss Julie's inability to live within the gender and class roles imposed on her by society. Page 28 - Why she is unable to live normally. Answers why she is unable to live in the gender and class roles at that time. Julie's confusion in class and gender become apparent from before we even get to meet her, when the servants Jean and Kristine discuss their mistress's peculiarity. Her behaviour extends much further out of the female acceptable bounds, and Strindberg makes this very apparent by showing Julie "training" her fianc� by making him jump over her riding crop and striking him with every jump. The period of time in this play: Nineteenth century Sweden, was a highly class structured society with distinctly defined class and gender roles. ...read more.


Her extreme anger is also revealed when she finds out about her dogs sexual encounter with the gate keepers dog. An act that foreshadows he future sexual encounter with Jean. Even when the other servants come, it takes a lot of persuasive skills for Jean to bring sense to Miss Julie to realise that the servants aren't singing about the swineherd and the princess out of love for her, and that her reputation is greatly endangered by her act of willingly drinking alone with Jean in the kitchen. Finally when Jean does bring some little sense into Julie, and they hide in a room, which by itself is another act of violation of the rules, Miss Julie willingly has sex with Jean, and at this point, there is no repairing this situation. ...read more.


This brings Julie to realize the consequences of her actions. The respect she now craves is erased. Through the play, Miss Julie doesn't care about her actions, she appears not to worry about the fact that she is superior, an aristocrat from birth. Acting freely she does things even the servants consider wrong and unimaginable, but when someone tries to respond to her in a way she doesn't approve, she jumps back to being the natural mistress she is. Miss Julie freely plays with this power until the sexual encounter with Jean. After this Jean realizes that her power is gone; he now himself has some power against her, this being the fact that Miss Julie did something that would certainly doom and destroy her status. ...read more.

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