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Dr. Edward Ricardo Braithwaite's story, "To Sir, with love" is a story about a teacher who begins teaching at a reform school in London.

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Dr. Edward Ricardo Braithwaite's story, "To Sir, with love" is a story about a teacher who begins teaching at a reform school in London. The author bases the main plot of the story on his own life when he was a teacher in a rough section of London. The plot and characters are believable throughout the story, their actions show them as normal students who rebel for different reasons, much like students do in the United States today. Braithwaite kept the story believable and interesting. The students at the reform school had been kicked out of their other schools due to behavior. Most of the students were from broken homes. They either only had one parent or none at all. The narration here is rather simple and going from the point of view of the teacher, the text is rather easy to understand and feel. The text can be logically divided into a two parts. ...read more.


Of course one of the advantages of this program is knowing the children?s opinion and attitude to some people, things and processes. Then we see a little interest of the narrator to this program, it is seen in his anxiety in discovering his pupils estimation. The author uses here an idiom ?to cut a figure?. The process of reading the comments he compares to ?a mixture of relief and disappointment?, the children just mentioned that they have a new "blackie" teacher. He see two variants: either they imagined he would be transient as his many predecessors or he just had made so little impression on them. He unreasonably blames himself for this, thinking that this is his own fault. The mood begins to change into dramatic in the second part, the next part of the extract begins with the depiction of the narrator efforts to be a successful teacher. Buying and reading books on the psychology of teaching just did not work. ...read more.


To prove my words let us look into the next paragraph where Monica Page interrupts the lesson. After the loud noise, made by the fallen lid of a desk, the narrator felt a sudden burning anger, and after the words of this little girl: ?The bleeding thing won?t stay up?, he was totally demoralized. Of course, this attitude could not be unmanaged, and the teacher once was on the boiling point, when he just lost his temper. A bit later, upstairs, he sat, feeling sickness at his heart because of this utter disrespect for him. He did not know what is wrong with his children. With help of so detailed picture we see, that our narrator is emotional person, who tries to be closer to his pupils, and expects the same thing from them, but everything he gets ? an ugly viciousness. In his work, Braithwaite reflects on the dynamics taking place in classrooms and the important role teachers play in the development of students. His early work could be characterized as one of the first reflective memoirs on teaching to receive international attention. This early work is still considered one of the best. ...read more.

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