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For this paper, I made a new chapter of the book Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. It works as an epilogue, and it describes how the downfall of Oceania began

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Written Task I Justification For this paper, I made a new chapter of the book ?Nineteen Eighty-Four? by George Orwell. It works as an epilogue, and it describes how the downfall of Oceania began. For this idea, I primarly based myself for historical facts. First of all, Oceania was a comunist state, and the comunist by History, are in perpetual war with the capitalist, or with another contrary force. Taking this as a central point, I focused in the Cold War. The book was written after the World War II as a warning for the new states and their goverment, as Orwell saw the postwar chaos in Europe. In the real life, Oceania represents the comunist block, trapped behind the Iron Curtain, being in a opression by their goverment, always isolated for the rest of the world, and have to love their leader, who is everytime right. In the case of Oceania, their situation was more severe, but was still having the same point as the real comunist states during the Cold War. As said before, historically, the comunist were in perpetual war with the capitalist, and in the book, the other two nations ?Eurasia and Eastasia? were their enemies, they must be capitalist, or at least form another state model. ...read more.


He remembered her. It was the one he betrayed once. And maybe confusing her with Big Brother, the one who loved once. He started to use old words instead of newspeak ones; he didn?t know he remembers them. But he did know the danger of his actions, or in this case, his thoughts. Later that day, memories came back to him. He could see a diary, but not any diary. His diary. He thought he forgot all about his past life, his life with no love to the greatest, to the magnificent Big Brother. Suddenly, a diffuse image appeared to him when he where already in his job. It was a page of the diary he was recently thinking about it. It was a phrase on that yellowish sheet of paper, a horrendous phrase. He decided he will forget that memory as soon as possible, but it was too late. DOWN WITH THE BIG BROTHER. He feared. The other day, the man finally blocked those thought but he knew it was too late for him. He walked down the street when a bomb exploded from a few meters. ...read more.


He opened it, and with a sudden gust of wind, Winston flew over the south, directly to Spain in not much of time. The boy showed that box to his friends. ?Hey, I think I?ve seen this symbol before. This is from that crazy country, England?, said one boy in Italian. ?No, I heard they want to be called Oceania?, answered the other. ?Those are the ones who never go out of their country, let?s do something?. Everyone agreed. They remembered the picture of earlier that day, in Paris, a street greatly crowded, with the Eiffel Tower in the background. They placed the picture in the box, among with other ones, not so recent, from their tour to Europe. They managed to find a little fishing craft, from where in the middle of the English Channel later that day, dropped the box, accordingly to the currents. The box eventually arrived to English coastlines, being found by a slow party member, who just took it for its symbol. 4 days later, he returned to London, but by accident a bomb was dropped near his transport, and the box slipped away. A man, from the prole, grabbed the box, and opened it. Someone said before that the hope was in the proles, but the proles by themselves would do nothing. He was right; the hope lies in the proles. ...read more.

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