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Guy Montag as a hero in Fahrenheit 451

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Guy Montag as a hero in Fahrenheit 451 A hero is a person who has exceptional qualities, achievements and can perform activities that an ordinary person would be difficult to do. A hero can be a role model for people and be loved by everyone. Guy Montag is a hero in the novel Fahrenheit 451. Guy Montag supports this when he stands up for his rights on books. He decides to defy his government in order to do what he feels is right, even at the loss of his family, friends, job, and property. Courage is one of the heroic qualities that Montag has. ...read more.


Montag is brave because he takes and reads books even though it is illegal in order to follow his new beliefs and reading illegal books can lead serious conquences. Montag has a quality of a hero by having courage. Beside courage, Montag also has specific skills which a person needs to be a hero. Montag not only has intelligent through but also has strength of constitution. He kills Beatty and knocks out 3 firemen with the mechanical hound in a very hard condition to escape. Secondly, Montag is intelligent because finally he also realizes the wrongs of society to change himself. ...read more.


Regardless, of the difficulties he will face, Montag decides that he will be an agent of change in the improvement of his own society. Thus, Montag is a hero because he accepts to give up everything to fight for right things which Montag believe that it will make his society become better. Montag has the qualities of a hero. He teaches pepple to do the right things in life even when everyone is against it. He also teaches them that sometimes in order to achieve a few things in life you may have to give up a few things in life. Guy Montag clearly shows heroism in Fahrenheit 451. Anyone also may be a hero because heroes are not born, they are made. ...read more.

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