Fahrenheit 451 Continuation. This is an extended ending, taking place after the conclusion of the book itself

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Fahrenheit 451 Continuation

This is an extended ending, taking place after the conclusion of the book itself. Not written in Ray Bradbury’s style.

It was almost noon, and Montag could see the plumes of smoke rising like chimneys. The silence left by the blast, the silence felt back at the camp, still remained. Montag knew that they’d be needed in finding and helping any survivors of the explosion, if there were any. Everything was gone. All that was left was debris on the outside of the former city, and mainly dust in the centre. What should have been there:  skyscrapers, hotels, fire stations, were no longer a sight of the city, just a huge expanse of dust and debris, a complete alien world.

As they followed the river closer to the city, thoughts of floating down the river, the mechanical hound and doors opening on the count of ten crossed Montag’s mind. He wasn’t sure the hound could survive such a blast, but that minor insecurity was enough. He didn’t want to have another encounter with such a machine.

As the group got close to the city, they realised soon that they were simply walking aimlessly, with no clear purpose. Granger was always one step ahead of Montag, and Montag’s thoughts were cluttered with childish thoughts: ‘That’s where my old house used to be’ and ‘That’s where I first encountered the mechanical hound’ and ‘That’s where I jumped in the river’. Still though, the silence remained, and the expanse of debris triggered a new era, one of silent remembrance and thought. The group wondered how many cities across the country have been reduced to just rubble.

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Montag and his companions walked onwards and eventually began to attempt to clear some of the rubble. They didn’t know what they may find, but they thought that there may be some survivors. It was rare to find survivors in the rubble after minor earthquakes, the group had read books, and so they knew this fact, but they looked never-the-less. The group continued searching for survivors, burying the dead, and sometimes coming across tattered remains of old books, which they took with them as they scavenged the land. They were also looking for food, but this is the thing that ...

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