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Jane Eyre. Jane's diary

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English A2HL R.A.F.T Caterina Coluccia Dear Father, I am aware that you are not in this world anymore. I will try, with the hope that you will perceive my words and emotions sooner or later. It has been a long time since the last time I saw you. You are only a blurred image in my desolate and lonely memories. I have been suffering very much, but as people always told me, suffering makes your heart stronger and capable of greater endurance and perseverance. I got accustomed to letting bad memories and negative events flow without harming me. Father, if only you knew how much I longed for your guiding paternal hand and manly figure to raise me and hold my hand through the long journey called growth. With the passing of time, I learned to appear untroubled and delighted. I began to realise that if I wanted a jubilant life I should have laboured for it. I did. I have felt used and mistreated by many people indeed, and example could be the way in which Mr Rochester tricked me. ...read more.


I had to bring this to an end. I decided to go personally to Mr. Rochester, and demand more respect since I was dedicating myself entirely to the education of his daughter. After I approached him, he appeared petrified, disturbed and awakened. He remained silent for an indefinable amount of time and then pronounced a simple, monosyllable. Leave. After this episode occurred, I never dared to approach him anymore. Then, an extraordinary event happened. He approached me declaring his immense love for me, Jane Eyre. Ours became a strong friendship; I took a long while to discover this feeling, since I had never experienced it. Time went by, and what I considered friendship and what he considered love, turned into me feeling deeply affectionate to him, and eventually I felt love. We shared intimacy, endearment, devotion and even adoration. It was the first time I had ever felt loved and cared for. I worshipped Edward Rochester. Now, every time I see him, my heart skips a beat, and I truly know that he has been the right person to fill and take a steady place in my heart. ...read more.


I am sure you understand my present situation and feeling. You should be able to understand my state. I am in unexplored land. Every move I make and every direction in which I go, takes me somewhere where I have never been. Father, I am fearful. Even if I know you are not in this world, I hope you will in some way feel that I have searched you, in someway. I have grown up alone, and I must be able to overcome a feeling such as love. It cannot be so complex. At least, I imagine it is not minimally comparable to things I have overcome, this will be hopefully simpler. I pray that my life will someday smile to me, and become as beautiful, clear, fine and cloudless as a June morning. I pray that my life will someday become like a blooming rose. I pray that my life will become joyful and filled with the true sentiment of love. Father. Although I do not have vivid memories of your presence in my existence, I send you my love and my most sincere wishes to accomplish the life that you have desired. Your daughter, Jane Eyre ...read more.

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