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Lord of the Flies language analysis

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Alejandra Garza Lord of the Flies As we know Golding writes his novel by using imagery, symbolisms, allegories, and others by making the novel more persuasive, as if it was alive. He?s writing style is using simple language, but with a important subject matter, for example he tells a really simple story but at the end it has a lot of meaning and it lead us to a big idea. Golding writes in a simple style, he?s language is not complicated and at the same time is not too informal, for example in this passage we could find some figures of speech like ?I?ve been all over? (Page 105) ...read more.


we can analyze is connotation, that is a feeling expressed by a word, in this case we have the word ?beast?, that it represents the fear, the unknown, but the actual meaning of the ?beast? that doesn?t exists is that is inside of all of us. The tone that Golding uses in this passage is scary because they are in the search of the beast that for them is something unknown, this lead us to Lexis that is the evidence of tone like: ?sweat in his palm was cool?, ?a sound behind him made him turn?, ?this is a rotten place?, ?nowhere to hide? and so on. ...read more.


this ones are short sentences that describe a moment of action and ?We?ve got to make certain. Cant you see the mountain?? this sentence is interrogative. Golding language is neutral, the vocabulary and the sentence structure are simply and easy to understand, he uses a lot of imagery and symbolism and all of this is leading us to his purpose on writing this passage which is, that when they find that cave it has a symbolic meaning which refers to Greek mythology to Plato that we live under a perspective of the world that isn?t real.3 ...read more.

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