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"Perfume" passage analysis. This passage is important because it reveals a lot about Baldinis character

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Aletta van der Merwe 11A English Literature Perfume Baldini Paragraph This passage is important because it reveals a lot about Baldini?s character. One phrase or sentence which starts revealing Baldini?s character is ?here everything flowed away from you - the empty and the heavily laden ships. The rowboats, and the flat - bottomed punts of the fishermen, the dirty brown and the golden-curled water - everything flowed away, slowly, broadly and inevitably?. There is quite a contrast within the phrase, ?the empty and heavily laden ships? is the contrast between Baldini?s life and life itself. The empty ships represent Baldini?s empty life, how he has nothing left of himself. ...read more.


Dirty water is symbolic of impurity, or a dirtied life. Then the imagery of everything flowing away from Baldini shows his actual weak character. The river here can be seen as change, simply flowing away with Baldini?s fortune itself and himself. ?He had made a mistake buying a house on the bridge, and a second when he selected one on the western side? the phrase here has symbolic uses for Baldini?s life and character. A bridge is symbolic of something that connects things. So when a river divides a city, a bridge will connect it again. Baldini?s house is on a bridge, right between East and West. ...read more.


This simple phrases shows how truly weak Baldini?s character is, for he is simply allowing the current to take him, without even trying to fight. The river is used here in the paragraph not as a giver of life or hope, but as a change in life and a dirty thing taking everything of Baldini?s. The contrast, imagery and symbolic elements in this paragraph is quite importantly used here for it shows the weak Baldini and the ever changing life around him. Baldini views his life as wasted, for he is losing his business, his pride and everything he once valued in life. ...read more.

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