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The minstrel A Pastiche of Gregory Chaucers Canterbury Tales

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THE MINSTREL A Pastiche of Gregory Chaucer's Canterbury Tales by Felicia Latour Work presented to Mr. V. Rodriguez for the requirements of 12th Grade English EAE4UT-01 College catholique Franco-Ouest Monday, December 7th 2009 THE MINSTREL'S TALE For long a time our sad hero roamed 'round In search of lost love he sadly ne'er found He sang songs of grief, love and of sorrow As he dread his wake alone tomorrow From town to town our man journeyed in search Ne'er did he consider looking in ...read more.


her own life Secluding himself, overcome with grief Their time spent together so very brief Not a woman alive could take her place For no one could mimic her warm embrace A smile so warm she always did share Through rosy cheeks framed by long golden hair The tragic day, a dagger to the heart To a couple's souls not e'er meant to part He cried and cried for some weeks at a time 'Til he heard a distant musical chime Of church bells whose sound ...read more.


return home to travel away He voyaged far, his euphony so sweet 'Til one fine day a strange band he did meet They travelled, destined for a holy place Pursuing their need of prayer and grace Looking to rays of a lone setting sun, Immed'ately he knew what must be done He then set off with them his lute in hand Determined to visit this sacred land He knew he'd for a moment reunite With his one true love in spirit that night. Word Count: 328 ...read more.

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