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The role of honour and religion in the novella, The Chronicles of Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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Title: Role of honor and religion in the novella,? the chronicles of death foretold ? by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Gabriel Garcia Marquez?s novel ?Chronicle of a Death Foretold? is exemplary in showing the forgoing of the spirit of religion and justice in the name of man-made codes such as honor. The writer portrays an unnamed town where the most vicious of crimes can be committed in the name of honor. The Vicario brothers who brutally butchered Santiago Nasar are given a reprieve after three years of imprisonment. Is it not ironical that they had to stay in the prison only because there was no one to bail them out? Marquez repeatedly denounces the town folks of holding honor above religion. Throughout the novella, Marquez unmasks the absence of true religious values in the town and reveals the double standards of the townsfolk. Marquez attacks the flimsy standards that prevail in the society, and also how people discard their religion. The three things forbidden by the Catholic church such as whores, alcohol and gambling freely flourish in the town. Even the church is corrupted when we see that ? nun had 80% hangover? (Marquez 71). ...read more.


They forget what religion preaches: ?that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor?. All they remember is how to distort religion as per convenience, and the detestable honor killing. Bayardo San Roman too manifests the evil of male patriarchy when he discards his wife on the mere suggestion that she is not a virgin. He confuses between the real meanings of virginity and purity, and feels no shame in deserting his wife. All he knows is his manly honor where the wife must be no different from a ? garden fresh commodity?. The dictate of the Bible for a Christian wedding, ? So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate?, adds no significance for him. Pura Vicario is also shown as a type cast woman who has raised her daughters to become perfect mothers not providing them any opportunity of education. It looks clear that the society is preset on the gender roles, and what it fears most is the violation of honor and religion. ...read more.


The unique style of the author lies in it that Santiago ‘s murder is proclaimed throughout the novel. “There was no murder more foretold” (Marquez 50). In the words of the critic, Debicki Dámaso Alonso, “the reader relives the murder. It is an endless cycle of violence that is never cleansed. In fact, Santiago is killed many times throughout the text. There is, of course, the grisly murder that appears at the end of the book, but Santiago Nasar also dies symbolically in his dreams.” Most critics agree that Chronicle of a Death Foretold “provides a snapshot in time of a society that remains captured by its own outmoded customs, beliefs, and stones.” And it is the irony of human kind that man forgets the creator as he is entrenched deep in the mirage of his superficial system of codes. The people dress themselves in white linen only to cover their bodies; the insides of which are as polluted as filth. The significance of the soul and morality has lost it meaning in their eyes. By putting on a white veil on their bodies, the townspeople intend to hide the demon that has grown inside their hearts with the ignorance of the true ideology of religion. ...read more.

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