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Notes on Indigenious knowledge and art.

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´╗┐Indigenous art and knowledge 1. Aboriginals use art as a form of communication in everyday life. Art is also an important element of indigenous ceremonial practices, both past and present. 2. Artworks of aboriginal artists reflect traditional knowledge and relationships. Some artworks also replicate issues of society, politics?, historical events, beliefs, relationships and personal reflections. 1. Aboriginal artworks use various forms of media: 1. Paintings and drawings created on board, bark, cave, canvas, papers, sand and ornaments etc 2. Sculptors and carvings on stone, wood, bone etc 3. ...read more.


Central to belief system is ?the dreaming? 3. Replicated through paintings with various symbols and dot infillings 4. Through paintings, non-aboriginals can gain a understanding of aboriginal culture and beliefs 5. Aboriginal artist Richard Bell suggests that ?the dreamtime is the past, present and the future? Video: http://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/kids/people-places-kids/australia-rockart-kids/ Burrup Peninsula 1. Aboriginal art created over 50 000 years old can be found as rock carvings in various areas around Australia 2. ?creates the most extensive use of rock carvings to be found anywhere in the world? (Anderson, 2009) ...read more.


Carter states that he provoked the ?first public affirmation of aboriginal identity in the western desert? through the Honey ant mural, 10 x 3 metre wall painting 6. Most famous artist of this movement was Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri. Albert namatijra 1. Most well known aboriginal artist 2. Watercolour outback Australian desert landscapes 3. Artworks famous for their brilliant, bright colours. 4. They revealed his love and connection to the land 5. Charles Perkins states that ?namatijira? was definitely the beginning of a recognition of aboriginal people by the white Australia? 6. One of the first artworks, central Australian landscape (1936) shows a land of rolling green hills 7. ...read more.

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