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The tasks to identity a low-rise domestic building and outline the key external features. The domestic property I have chosen for this project is 3 bedroom end of terrace house located in Wandsworth Greater London

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Construction Analysis Project Construction Technology 1 Year 1 HNC Contents 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Domestic building 1.3 Key External Features 1.31 Picture - South Elevation 1.32 Picture - West Elevation 1.33 Picture - North Elevation 1.34 External Walls 1.35 Roof 1.36 Eaves 1.37 Windows 1.38 Guttering 1.39 Drainage 1.40 Foundations 1.5 Sketch of the building Depicting Loads & Load Bearing Walls 1.6 Scale Drawing Eaves of the Roof 1.7 Scale Drawing of a Window Opening and Lintel 1.8 Scale Drawing of Ground floor junction with the External Wall 1.9 How Water System 1.91 Heating System 1.92 Boiler 2.0 Sketch of Hot Water & Heating System Bibliography 1.1 Introduction The tasks to identity a low-rise domestic building and outline the key external features. The domestic property I have chosen for this project is 3 bedroom end of terrace house located in Wandsworth Greater London. The building is timber frame with a strip foundation and a pre-fabricated timber panel roof; it is one of 24 built on a small housing estate in the late 1960's. 1.2 1.3 Key External Features I have taken 3 photographs of the building showing the key external features. * External Walls * Windows * Guttering * Drainage * Foundations 1.31 South Elevation Ridge Vent Tiles Eaves Guttering Soil Vent Pipe (SVP) Down Pipe Overflow External Windows Air Bricks Condense Waste Pipe 1.32 West Elevation (Gable End) ...read more.


house was built with the exception of the top left on the 1.31 south elevation and the garden doors on the north side. The advantage of a pivoted opening of a casement is that the weight of the frame and glass is balanced over the pivots that are fixed centrally. A side hung basement consists of a square or rectangular window frame of wood with the opening casement hinged at one side of the frame which allows it to open out. The window is a top hung sash, used for ventilation; it opens outwards so that the slope of the sash and its glass directs rain outside the building. The lintel is a Catnic that is used for timber frame construction it is single element lintel with a sloping outer face and Duplex corrosion protection which together provide a built in DPC. Lintel Air vent The window has a wooden frame and which is painted white for protection and aesthetics, the window seal is a red clay tile that is sloped to allow rain water to run off the seal. 1.38 Guttering The house has guttering on it north and south elevations known as half round eaves gutters it has a stop end outlet which connect to the down pipe on both elevations. The guttering is made out of plastic which is robust, durable and has a long life span. ...read more.


The water is kept separately from the hot water by the segregation of the 2 systems. Water Storage Cylinder Ventilation pipe Hot water fed to tap Hot water to radiators Coil filled with heating water Hot water from boiler Cold water piped in Entering at the bottom, the opposite side from the water, also heating the water on the outside of the coil, for the hot water taps. 1.92 Boiler The boiler is a Potterton Promax HE Plus (SL) range gas fired room sealed fan assisted condensing central heating boiler. The boiler is suitable for fully pumped open vented central heating and domestic hot water systems. It is a high efficiency boiler with an automatic ignition. Flow and return pipes Flue elbow Condense waste pipe Gas supply pipe Boiler Sight glass The boiler has a wireless system which consists of a digital programmable Thermostat and a wireless time switch to control the water and heating. Time Controls Temperature Control Radiators Pipes run through the radiators allowing the water to enter and exit the radiators, on opposite sides, whilst a secondary pipe runs the course of the radiators reheating the hot water and circulating the cold. Temperature Regulator Radiator The heating water storage tank is rarely used as the water circulates around the system. If the radiators need to be changed or fully bled then it is easy to refill them. The tank also has a vent pipe over the top of it incase the boiler overheats or there is a problem with the water storage cylinder. ...read more.

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