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A Report on Recruitment and Selection.

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Employing and Managing People. A Report on Recruitment and Selection. Introduction. There are several tasks involved in recruitment and selection. The reason for this, is so that the organisation hires the most effective person to carry out the job, who will get the best result. The organisation must also consider whether the job is achieving its goal. Organisations also need to be careful as recruitment and selection is very expensive and if it is done wrong then there is a wasted cost. In this report I will be explaining the four main tasks used for recruitment and selection. In order to see the effect of these documents I have carried out the tasks on a job at a retail store called Argos. The tasks were based on the Sales Manager job at Argos. The 4 main tasks are explained in the report and what their purpose and importance's are. The tasks are documents and are appended at the end of the report and will be referred to. I chose this job for this assignment because I already work in Argos and it was easier to research into. It was also easier to understand and write the four documents more clearly as I already knew about some of the tasks that are carried out by the manager. ...read more.


A person specification is similar to the job description. The Job description defines the job and it requirement. The person specification outlines any main information that is needed by a person to apply. When a company recruits new staff they are short-listed using the person specification as a guideline. This document is also used for the interview. This document is very important, as it must not be discriminatory in any way. I found it difficult to produce this, as I often added things like attitude and looks. The person specification would seem a lot fuller with these headings in, but they would change the view of the interviewer. Attitude can't be judged in interviews and by asking the candidate "do you have a good attitude towards work?" will not work as some applicants can be cheerful at the interview but do not like to work. These specifications aren't useful as checking on references and previous employment. I also used information from the job analysis questionnaire (appendix 1) like basic qualifications and suggestions that were made by the Sales manager. The document is also displayed and written simply without too much information. Person specifications can state whether they require a certain sex, race or age. But this is only if the organisation can prove that it's necessary to hire someone for his or her sex, race or age. ...read more.


Job adverts are important to be displayed in the corresponding area and the right literature. If I was to re-do the assignment I would start from job description (see appendix 3) and person specification (see appendix 4) and what information is needed for these documents. This would help me to decide what questions I need to ask to attain the information. Then I would go on to doing the other tasks. By doing this, it would help me to complete the person specification more informatively. The present person specification is very brief and is not a strong enough to use as a criteria for the interview. I would also choose a different person to research for. As I already knew the Managers' job quite well at Argos, I did not construct the questionnaire to get as much information as possible. Choosing someone who I wasn't familiar with, would have made me research more thoroughly. Recruitment and selection have these stages, and they are all important. Most organisations/companies have Personnel Managers' or Human Resources team that carry out these tasks. But as the assignment shows it is not easy to recruit staff. Problems can occur but can be spotted by doing this process. This is better than hiring an unsuitable person or advertising a wrong impression of the job. By doing these tasks they can be more accurate in successful recruitment. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zuberul Huda ...read more.

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