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Bangkok - The Paradise for Tourists

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ID number:4580175 EC I section 2 John McNulty Due Date: 27/01/03 Assignment 1: Bangkok Bangkok: The Paradise for Tourists The most wonderful exotic country lies in the heart of Southeast Asia. Here is the land of smile, friendly people and beautiful attractions that you never forget. The rich of Thai unique culture heritage made Thailand to be one of the most pleasure Asian country for visitors around the world. Bangkok is one of the most colorful Asia city where almost exquisite of art, architecture and culture are shown together. If you are looking for a Southeast Asian adventure, look no further than Bangkok. The variety of accommodations offers something for travelers at any budgets. Bangkok offers accommodation to suit every pocket, from some of the world's best hotels to inexpensive guest houses. If you are the one person who want your trip to be perfect and excellent. Maybe, the high-class hotel is suit for you. Almost high class hotels are located at the center of the city, which has a good view, and it is also easy for getting around. The high class hotel offers the utmost convenient, the luxurious room and the fantastic service for you. There are many high facilities including fitness center, beauty spa, Thai traditional massage and recreations. ...read more.


Wat Saket also has a good view. Wat Saket has the Golden Mount which overlooks Ratchadamnoen Avenue and offers a view of historic Bangkok as well. Wat Pho(Temple of the Reclining Buddha) is another exotic temple. This large and extensive temple contains a gigantic gold plated reclining Buddha, with beautifully inlaid mother-of-pearl soles. Wat Pho is also regarded as the first center of public education and is sometimes called "the first university of Thailand". Mural paintings, inscriptions, and statues found in the temple by educated people on varied subjects such as literature, warfare, archaeology, astronomy, geology, meditation and Thai traditional massage. Other cultural attractions include Jim Thompson's Thai House, Bangkok Doll Museum, Sanam Luang ( Phramen Ground ) and Vimanmek Palace. They also contain spectacular treasures. Furthermore, if you want to learn the way of life in Thai style, you can get a river taxis and regular ship services for exploring the Chao Phraya River and Bangkok's Canals( Khlongs) which give further insights into the history and character of this wonderful city. Shopping is one of Bangkok's major attractions. The variety of shopping area serves everyone's taste. One of the favorite shopping style in Bangkok is friendly bargain in most stores and markets. There are six main shopping areas on varied the type of goods. ...read more.


Quality Thai food is ubiquitous in outlets as diverse street front restaurants, night markets and restaurants. Thai restaurants sometimes offer the cultural shows for the tourists. Here you will find the perfect introduction to highly Thai classical dance, accompanied by music played in traditional instruments. Also not to be missed is Maui Thai, if you are sport lover. Muai Thai is a style of boxing unique to Thailand. You can watch live Thai boxing contest every night at Lumphini and Ratchadamnoen stadium. Maybe yelling and shouting to encourage the boxers as the excitement mounts in boxing stadium can make you more fun and excited while watching the contest At last, if you want to get more colorful in your life, do not hesitate to join nightlife in Bangkok. Choose the one that serves you best. For tourists, Bangkok is one of the most challenging and exciting city in the Southeast Asia. It offers a huge range of accommodations which suit all tastes and pockets. Also, there are many fascinating attractions in Bangkok which make a beautiful experience for the visitors. Charming Thai culture still always make the impression continually. Moreover, Bangkok is considered as an ideal place for shopping because of the quality of goods and friendly bargain. Finally, the variety of nightlife in Bangkok makes the life get more fun and colorful. These are all the reasons for the next your trip, Bangkok is the one place where cannot be missed. ...read more.

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