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During this process Dunfey Hotels Corporation wants to achieve certain goals and evaluate previous operations through proper documentation using the four basic steps: assess supply-demand relationship

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Historical Data 1958 Dunfey family of New England founded Dunfey Hotel Corporation with Lamie's Motor Inn (32 rooms). Rapid expansion through the 1960s and 1970s to 8,000 rooms. 1964 Dunfey Hotels obtains Sheraton franchises for existing hotels and motor inns. Dunfey becomes the largest franchise holder worldwide with a total of 14 properties. 1968 Dunfey Hotels invents the "Wayfarers Club", later to become the prototype of the hotel industry's frequent traveler programs, including: preferred availability, free spouse travel, free travel insurance policy and complimentary coffee and newspaper. 1969 Dunfey Hotels acquires and renovates the Parker House in Boston, also invents the "mini vacation" and establishes a toll-free mini vacation reservations center. 1970 Dunfey Hotels Corporation is affiliated with Aetna Life & Casualty of Hartford, Conn. The company invents the Good Meeting Guarantee, the predecessor to Omni Hotels' Gavel Service program for meeting planners, as well as the Successful Meeting Guarantee. 1972 Dunfey Hotels Corporation creates the first secretaries club, called the "Colleen Club", later to become Omni Hotel's Executive Service Plan, which provides benefits to the corporate travel planner and business traveler. 1976 Company is acquired by Aer Lingus. Growth of Classic Hotels divisions, the foundation for the later upscale segment, Omni Hotels. ...read more.


linking the inns to national advertising campaigns and existence of Dunfey organization. The Dunfey Planning Process The most important elements of service development for Dunfey properties that are handled and directed by the management for implementation can be described as: The Dunfey Management Approach and The Way They Work. During this process Dunfey Hotels Corporation wants to achieve certain goals and evaluate previous operations through proper documentation using the four basic steps: assess supply-demand relationship; positioning; gap analysis; structuring measures requirement. Multifunctional teamwork-Multifunctional teams make fast services development possible. They are made up of people from all key functional areas who can contribute to and have a stake in the project. The team members are all involved in the project from the start and they select their own leader. Key suppliers and customers are often development team members. The teams are empowered to make decisions and draw upon company resources as needed. They are allowed to make critical decisions, and they have adequate resources and incentives. Facilitated front-end project planning-The surest way to promote fast product development is to take the necessary time at the front end of the project to plan how it will be done. This is the time for a multifunctional team to use a trained facilitator to: ´┐ŻList key assumptions. ...read more.


Customers' were likely to engage in the following types of behavior in the future: *Being loyal to the company ("LOYALTY") * Being willing to pay a higher price for the company's services ("PAY MORE") * Being inclined to switch to a competitor ("SWITCH") * Being inclined to complain to others (e.g., other customers) when they experience a problem with the company's service ("COMPLAIN") The service product means value, which is "the perceived benefits provided to meet the customer's needs and want, quality of service received, and the value for money". The service product is fundamentally a complex human experience, which is an output of a production process, where the customers utilizes the facilities and services to generate the final output, experience. The experience is the customer outcome, which in the eyes of the customer, is associated with added value and quality. Dunfey Hotels have developed the facilitation of travel and activity of individuals away from their usual environment. Zeithaml, V.A, Parasuranam, A&Berry, L.L. 1990. Delivering Quality Service. Balancing Customer Perceptions and Expectations. New York: The Free Press. Ziethaml, V.A. & Britner, M.J. 1996 Services Marketing. Integrating Customer Focus Across the Frim. 2nd Edition. US: McCraw-Hill Higher Education. Morgan, M. 1996. Marketing for Leisure and Tourism. Hemel Hempstead: Prectice Hall Europe ?? ?? ?? ?? Service Marketing - 1 - Jennifer V. Santiago Prof. Rex Ma. Mendoza ...read more.

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