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International Information and E-Business Strategy of the retailer Pets At Home

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Pets At Home Founded in 1991 by Anthony Preston, the retailer "Pets At Home" has grown from its first and only store opened in Chester, UK by 1999 brought the chain to 140stores after acquiring Petsmart, UK. They pride themselves at providing the ultimate pet shop experience and as a paradise for pets and pet owners, and exceptional services in pet care by fully trained store staff. As the humanisation of pets becomes a growing trend, by 2004 they were acquired in a deal with a total enterprise value of �230m by European Private Equity firm, Bridgepoint. With Matt Davies appointed CEO, Luke Mayhew appointed Chairman; they went multination opening a joint venture store in Melbourne, Australia. Their 200th store opened at Barnstaple, as Pets at Home re-house displaced or unwanted animals in pet adoption scheme in selected stores. By 2008, they opened stores in Victoria and Melbourne, Australia as they understood the benefits of the internet launching new online shopping website www.petsathome.com. Their other achievements include voted "Employer of the Year" in Retail Bulletin's People in Retail awards. As the internet allows niche retailers to flourish, it grows as a channel for the sale for products and ability to reach a wider audience, the importance for up to date cutting edge technology is essential in development in these sector. ANALYSIS PEST ANALYSIS Political *All services and product available online are safe in respect to the laws of the states they can be shipped to. ...read more.


*Popularity base can enable branding Threats *A trend towards smaller animals and pets with fewer requirements can be driven by trends towards smaller households especially in the present economic down-turn *Due to lifestyle issues, some pet owners may not be prepared to take on additional cost, which might also not help drive pet ownership numbers Pets at Home - strategy is to offer the ultimate pet shop experience, providing all pet supplies and services forming a pet's paradise for both pets and pet owners. In 2007, "Retail Week's Specialty Retailer of the Year award", was award to the company in recognition of their achievements, hence showing success in their strategy. E-business strategy- B2C strategy proposed and it can be achieved by moving towards an automated supply chain, using the internet to cut cost and increase product quality and shorten delivery times. The e-business strategy is related to the corporate strategy has they both are working towards forming a base where all pet supplies can be provided more efficiently forming a paradise for pets and their owners. The propose e-business solution is through "Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12" Overview As the effects of globalisation on modern enterprises ignite huge supply upheaval, needing broad improvements across the entire business, to meet market demand across the globe, organisations such as Pets at Home, must master combining internal and supplier competencies. As pressures are created on supply chain, the need for new, more-efficient response to customer needs is required. ...read more.


Benefits of Oracle E-business suite Leverage Gain Results Oracle E-business Suite Complete integrated business intelligence portfolio * Achieve an end-to-end view across all Pets at Home services * Drive performance * Complete data tailored to every role Adaptable global business platform * while complying locally operate globally * extend global business processes * non-stop global operation support The most customer-focused applications strategy * protect the value of existing investment * extend value of applications * evolves to next generation Strategic Objective Vision- improve customer service system enabling pet owner have the ultimate pet experience online, to be the market leader in the pet industry. Mission- * Increase sales with the aid of the application by %50 in one year. * Increase customer appreciation by %50 in one year. * Increase customer base by %50 in one year. Objective- these will be achieved using the processes started earlier on, hence; * Ensure backroom operates more efficiently * Ensure Floor supervisors and management are up date constantly * Make information more readily available * Ensure the customer a receive faster service Strategic Definition To ensure the best services are rendered, it is advisable to use experts in the field, and ORACLE will be recommended as first choice. Costs Siebel CRM On demand integration Pack E-business Suite License Price- $35,000 Software Update License & Support- $7,700 Metric- Processor (minimum 1; notes 14) (source: http://www.oracle.com/corporate/pricing/applications-price-list.pdf) "Transaction integrated quickly into our team and crucially ensured we successfully delivered our first transactional website" Catriona Marshall, Commercial Director, Pets at Home www.petsathome. ...read more.

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