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Marketing in Vietnam - Canon case study.

Extracts from this document...


INTRODUCTION Canon products are present in Vietnam since 1980 through official distribution channels. Nowadays, Canon works intimately with the network of distributors and dealers warranty service nationwide. Many training programs held regularly on products and after sales service were held to equip the distribution channels and channel official warranty product and service warranty. In this report researched mainly on Canon Marketing Processes. It includes: learning the market, factors affecting market or business decisions, and understand the market the company Canon. Researching demonstrates interest in Canon brand in Vietnam. In the same time, the report is expected to find methods of solving problems in the company. 1. What is marketing? Historically, a good product will sell itself. Nevertheless, this thinking is already obsolete. Today, the decision of customers on buying a product may be justified by several factors like, e.g., the product (functionality, quality, appearance, brand, service, support, warranty, etc.), the price, the place (locations, logistics, market coverage, internet, mobile, etc.), sales promotions, etc. Nowadays, marketing is undeniable one of the key factors for success of an corporation. In fact, several definitions of marketing exist, and let me now outline some of them. Definition 1: Marketing (from CIM = Chartered Institute of Marketing): the management process of identifying, anticipating & satisfying customer requirements efficiently and profitably. (Course book, p8) Definition 2: Marketing (from AMA = American Marketing Association): is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organisational goals. (Course book, p8) Definition 3 (Marketing mix): Marketing is the ability of an organisation to provide the right product, at the right price via the right outlets (place) and presented in the right way (promotion). (Course book, p21) These three definitions have some differences: * The CIM definition emphasises the wide scope of marketing. It looks not only at identifying customer needs by means of research, but also satisfying them (short-term) and anticipating them in the future (long-term retention). ...read more.


Market environment The marketing environment surrounds and impacts the organization. There are three key perspectives on the marketing environment, namely the 'macro-environment and ' the 'micro-environment'. * The micro environment factors These are internal factors close to the company that have a direct impact on the organisations strategy. These factors include: - Customers Organisations survive on the basis of meeting the needs, wants and providing benefits for their customers. Almost Canon customers are interested in photography and technology, they expect in a lot of Canon products. Canon put out a product satisfies all tastes of customers, products have been increasingly improved (compact, many functions...) - Suppliers Increase in raw material prices will have affected on the marketing mix strategy of an organisation. Closer supplier relationships are one way of ensuring competitive and quality products for an organisation. In 2001, when Canon in Vietnam, them have only 7 vendors upcountry, up to now it be 90 and the end of this year, this number can be up to 100. They are almost the manufacturer components (http://www.vneconomy.vn/58303P0C5/bai-hoc-tu-nhung-nha-dau-tu-nhat.htm). - Shareholders As organisation requires greater inward investment for growth they face increasing pressure to move from private ownership to public. However, satisfying shareholder needs may result in a change in tactics employed by an organisation. For instance, The satellite business is Canon Vietnam Co. in Que Vo Industrial Zone, Bac Ninh as Company Limited VS Industry of Vietnam, Mitac Precision Technology Vietnam, Vietnam Dragon Jet, Longtech Precision Vietnam ...( http://www.bsc.com.vn/News/2009/7/15/45376.aspx) - Competitors The success business and any actions will depend on the level of competition in its markets. In some markets is one of the dominant companies. This is called a monopoly. If you are in a monopoly position may allow you to exploit consumers with relatively high price and you can provide a customer service worse than if no other choice. "Canon faces competition from HP, Brother, Epson, Lexmark etc. Canon earns revenues primarily from the manufacture and sale of these products domestically and internationally" (Source scenario). ...read more.


Saigon and Hanoi are two large and populous city of Vietnam. Lifestyles of the two places are also very different, so when preparing the marketing and advertisement they focused a lot of the lifestyle and goods to the best benefit. In Hanoi, customers want each product must be right with the money they spend. By contrast, customers in Saigon (the South) is very liberal. They only see the importance of form and style products. Therefore, these factors will affect greatly to the revenue of the company. Canon will have to improve both form and quality to the service in two locations. * Psychology The buyer behaviour is also influenced by four points: motivation, perception, learning and attitudes. Therefore, when considering the market realizes that South customers purchase arbitrary, North customers scheduled before coming. South customers are not pressured by psychologists assert yourself, show class and not in the habit of saving to pay for expensive products, so they tend to buy cheaper products and more shopping and more comfortable. Spend more, but only 62% planned to spend the month and not more closely as consumers Central and North. They prefer a fixed price rather than to the desert. Therefore, please make their lives more comfortable fit shopping habits. Ho Chi Minh City also preferred marketing activities at point of sale more than other cities. Thus, the attention to distribution channels, sales operations and the lace on display in the store serves as the Canon Company in Saigon is important. Vietnam a country of many different consumer groups, the general conclusions of from the Vietnam Nielsen study. By Aaron Cross - CEO Nielsen said that Vietnam "Businesses Vietnam should continuously diversify business strategies and product ideas for two different cities: only a strategy is not enough only to attract all consumers in Vietnam." CONCLUSION With problems are said above, they are important for Canon marketing processes. The report covers the market for "SELPHY ES3 & ES30" and "Laser Printer" and the standard practice of Marketing Professionals. Hoping that through this report can figure out what the market Canon. ...read more.

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